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Marketing Courses

Marketing Courses

Discover what it takes to succeed in the highflying world of contemporary marketing – choose from a high quality Online Marketing Courses at Oxford Home Study College.

In simple terms, marketing can best be described as the processes and activities involved in ensuring a target audience is made aware of any given products or services.  Marketing is effectively what connects the business with its primary demographic, informing potential clients and customers what is available to them.  Without marketing, a brand and its products would be effectively invisible - ultimately rendering the company unviable.

Today’s sales and marketing experts face the unique challenge of ensuring they stand out above a world of competitors.  The marketing landscape has changed so dramatically over recent years that strategies and techniques that once guaranteed success are now largely redundant.  What’s more, the rulebook is being rewritten each and every day, making it one of the most dynamic and continually relevant specialisms in the world.

Marketing has the power to make or break any business at any level.  For those who make it in this extraordinary industry, the rewards can be quite spectacular.

Marketing Courses at Oxford Home Study College

Oxford Home Study College offers a wide variety of industry-leading marketing courses, covering everything from online marketing to telesales and working with social media.  Whichever course you choose, you’ll benefit from total flexibility, professional tutor support, exceptional value for money and a recognized qualification upon completion.

Along with our range-topping Level 4 Diploma in Marketing, we also offer an extremely popular Level 3 Certificate in Social Media Marketing.  Improve your telemarketing skills with our level three certificate, or explore How to Create Effective Google AdWords Campaigns with our level three program. OHSC offers somes free courses online. Check out free marketing courses here.

For more information on any of our marketing courses online or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with our admissions team today on + 44 01865 686162, or drop us a line at [email protected].

The Benefits of Studying Marketing Online

Marketing is a critically important academic subject for the simple reason that marketing itself is of comprehensive importance.  It is often the strength, quality and creativity of a marketing strategy that will determine the success of the product, service or business it represents.  Just as outstanding marketing can make something poor appear irresistible, substandard marketing can cripple the reputation of any product or business.

Developing and implementing professional marketing strategies means first establishing exactly what it is your target audience expects. This leads on to considering how to provide them with it, while at the same time outperforming the competition.  It is a process of research, analysis and testing, while it all times working closely with PR professionals and various other stakeholders.  Not only this, but it is a constant process which must be refined and improvement of times – never a strategy that is set in motion and left to its own devices.

Scope of Studying Marketing

As mentioned above, it is the importance of marketing as a profession that highlights exactly how valuable it is as an academic subject.  Marketing professionals play critically important roles in determining whether a brand, product or service will succeed or sink.  To work in marketing is to begin a career of rewards and responsibilities in equally heavy measures.

Just a few of the benefits of Studying Marketing Online include:

1 – A Growing Industry

On a global basis, annual spending in almost every area of marketing is constantly on the rise.  As competition in every industry and sector accelerates like never before, businesses are finding themselves with little choice other than to drastically increase their marketing budgets.

2 – Diversity

The importance of effective marketing extends to almost every business area imaginable.  Which in turn means that wherever it is your passions and interests lie, chances are you could begin a marketing career in a closely related area.

3 – Financial Rewards

There is no upper-ceiling whatsoever with regard to potential earnings as a marketing executive.  If you have the power to sell products or services effectively, you become the most valuable asset any business could ask for.

4 – Industry Evolution

As the industry is constantly in a state of comprehensive change, it is perfectly possible to get in at ground level and quickly climb the ladder to a much higher position.  This is particularly true for those exploring digital marketing careers. 

5 – Ongoing Relevance

It’s also important to consider the fact that as businesses the world over will always need to market their products and services, the role of the professional marketer is one of universal and permanent relevance.

Why Study Marketing with Oxford Home Study Centre?

To succeed in marketing means first developing a very specific and varied set of skills and competencies.  It is a career where logic, perception and analytical thinking must form the basis of every decision made.  There is a great deal about marketing in general that you cannot and will not know until you have studied the subject in-depth. 

Practical experience counts for a lot, but is dependent on a strong theoretical foundation.

  • Salary – The current average salary for those working in marketing in the UK is around £38,000 with senior marketers earning closer to £49,000.  Newcomers can expect to take home somewhere in the region of £20,000 while marketing directors earn average of £86,000 per year.
  • Working Life – Interestingly, marketing is considered one of the top 10 careers in the world for striking the ideal work/life balance.  Working hours can be unpredictable, domestic and international travel may be required, working from home is also a possibility – it all depends entirely on your exact position and duties.
  • Potential Employers – Every brand and business in the world that offers products or services relies on marketing professionals to reach out to their audiences.  As such, every business and every marketing agency alike represents a potential employment opportunity.
  • Self-Employment – The freelance marketing consultancy sector is absolutely enormous these days and bursting with potential.  Competition is both fierce and enormous, but for those with truly standout skills and competencies, it can be an extremely lucrative and fulfilling field.

For more information on any of our marketing courses online or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with our admissions team today on + 44 01865 686162, or drop us a line at [email protected].