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Advantages of Being a Mature Student

Advantages for a mature student

Advantages of Being a Mature Student

It’s perfectly natural to assume that being a mature student means to some extent being at a disadvantage.  This for the most part comes down to the fact that the vast majority of students tend to be children, teenagers, adolescents and younger adults.  Which in turn means that when you pass the age of say 25, you immediately assume that returning to your education would be a rather radical decision.

Of course, there’s really no disputing the fact that returning to studies of any kind after a long break can be intimidating.  Nevertheless, it is a decision more adults of all ages than ever before are making right now, having decided to take their career prospects and futures in general into their own hands.

A Beneficial Position

Contrary to popular belief, not only does being a mature student not put you at a disadvantage, but it can actually be advantageous in a number of ways.  Getting over the initial apprehension and concern will always be tricky, but just as soon as you do, you may begin to understand that a few extra years behind you can bring all manner of benefits going forward.

So for anyone considering returning to their education though concerned their age may be a barrier, what follows is a brief introduction to just a few of the overlooked advantages of being a mature student:

A Change of Priorities

First of all, it is usually safe to say that as a mature student, you will have very different priorities than you may have had as a teenager.  Regardless of whether you are choosing to study in a classroom setting or by way of a distance learning program, what matters to you most now will certainly not be what mattered to you most back then. 

For most students of a younger age, much of the experience of being a student revolves around the social aspects of higher education.  As a mature student, this may be a part of your life that you have already lived and have no specific desire to return to.  As such, you will find it considerably easier to focus on your studies, as it is your education that will be your priority – not the typical ‘lifestyle’ that accompanies college or university studies.

Greater Life Stability

It’s also a probable that your current situation in general will be considerably more stable than it was when you are considered to be ‘standard’ student age.  You may be in a better financial position, you probably have your own place to live and you have decided to study because you want to, not because it was something that was expected of you. 

Your home life is permanent and settled, you have an ideal environment in which to study, you may already have a job that is providing you with invaluable experience and so on.  More often than not, student life for younger students has the potential to be extremely unstable and difficult to manage.  Suffice to say, this doesn’t prove particularly helpful when trying to focus on furthering your education.

Wider Experience

In the vast majority of instances, adults choose to return to their education because they either want to improve their career prospects or explore something new entirely.  It could be that you have no passion for your current job, feel you are not making enough money or simply have the desire to study something you have always been fascinated with. 

Whatever your decision and the reasons behind it, you are guaranteed to find the life experience you have built up to date of enormous value during your studies.  You will have picked up the kinds of life lessons and experience that will not only help you envision where you want to be, but also ensure you get there.

You Know What You Want

Speaking of which, it’s also worth bearing in mind the fact that thousands of university students each year dive headfirst into the most random courses, simply because they had absolutely no idea what they wanted at the time.  Not only this, but thousands more graduate every year without a clue what to do with their qualifications. 

As a mature student, you benefit from the advantage of knowing exactly what you want and how to get it.  You have already been on what’s considered the ‘other side’ of further education, meaning you know exactly what to expect when you complete your course.  From job interviews to professional experience to what it takes to get by in the real world, you have written yourself a blueprint for success – you just need to put it into action.


Given the fact that most of the important work and assignments students are provided with must be completed without supervision, self-discipline plays a critically important role in the process.  Needless to say, and without perpetuating stereotypes, teenagers and adolescents generally do not tend to have the same kind of self-discipline as older adults. 

As a mature student, you will benefit from the kind of self-discipline and organizational skills that come naturally, rather than having to be forced.  You are much less likely to find yourself distracted and will probably find that you make much better use of your time now than you did as a younger student.

You’ll Genuinely Enjoy It

Revisiting a previous point, one of the biggest advantages of being a mature student is the way in which you will only ever choose to study a subject or discipline that you are passionate about.  In so many instances, younger students choose courses in accordance with which they think will make the most money, which their friends are choosing or which they are advised to choose by tutors and career advisors. 

The only problem being that in all such instances, it is perfectly possible to find yourself stuck studying a subject that brings you no joy whatsoever.  If you genuinely enjoy what you are studying, you are 100% guaranteed to come out with a better final result.

Employers Applaud Self-Improvement

Another reason to consider returning to your education as an adult is the way in which employers value those who value their own ongoing development.  By making the bold decision to return to your education, you are demonstrating the fact that you wish to continue improving your knowledge, skills and competencies long-term – exactly the kind of motivation and attitude that resonate with employers. 

Almost everyone completes at least a certain amount of standard education. Only those who are committed to their own ongoing improvement make the decision to return to education.

Avoid the Classroom

Last but not least, it’s also worth remembering that if you do not wish to do so, there is absolutely no requirement to return to the formality of a classroom setting.  These days, pretty much any and every subject and discipline imaginable can be studied at almost any level from home. 

Distance learning opportunities are both endless in terms of options and priceless in value.  Quality home study courses represent the most affordable and accessible approach to ongoing education – all without the need to set foot in a classroom.

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