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How to Become a Beautician : Courses and Career Advice

How to Become a Beautician

How to become a Beautician : Courses and Career Advice

If you have an obsession with beauty and an eye for style, a career as a beautician could be your dream ticket.  Learning how to become a beautician can be as easy as finding the right online course and studying from home.  After which, you will have the option of starting your own business from scratch, or pursuing employment elsewhere.

Either way, there has never been a better time to capitalise on growing demand for the services of qualified beauticians.  Among male and female audiences alike, the call for those who know how to make you look your absolute best is at an all-time high.


What do Beauticians do?

Contrary to popular belief, the field of beauty therapy is not only about looking good.  It’s also about feeling great, by taking real pride in your appearance.  For the professional beautician, the challenge lies in seeing the true potential in a person’s natural beauty.  As there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all makeover, the beautician must recommend and offer the specific services needed for a client to look their best.

This could include such services and therapies as nail art, facial masks, pedicures, manicures and hair styling.  Not to mention, the professional application of makeup for all types of occasions.

While some clients approach beauty therapists with a clear idea of what they want, others aren’t so sure.  They know they want to look better and take pride in their appearance, but don’t know how to make it happen.

This is where the knowledge, experience and expertise of a qualified beautician can prove invaluable.  Depending on the requirements of the client, some of the services that may be recommended include the following:

  • Facial and body hair removal
  • Cleansing, toning and massaging the skin
  • Specialist makeup services for important events
  • Nail extensions and application of nail varnish
  • Exfoliation for the removal of dead skin
  • Application of facial masks and peels
  • Recommendations on skincare products and cosmetics
  • Eyebrow plucking and shaping
  • Hair styling and dying

Beauticians tailor the services they provide to meet the requirements and budgets of each individual client.  Must have who are provided with a bespoke package of treatments and services, designed to bring out their natural beauty and boost their confidence.

Am I Right For the Job?

A career as a beautician is about so much more than making people look good.  Strong and lasting customer relationships hold the key to successful careers in beauty therapy.

This means that along with mastering the art of providing a long list of treatments, you also need to build the appropriate business acumen.  In addition, it is essential to have the right personal qualities and character traits to begin with.

Just a few of the soft skills and personal qualities needed to get by in the field of beauty therapy include:

  • A friendly, approachable and pleasant personality
  • The ability to deal diplomatically with difficult clients
  • Patience and exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills and a sociable character
  • A genuine passion for beauty and style
  • Strong interest in beauty products and treatments
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • Outstanding organisation and self-management skills
  • Punctuality, flexibility and reliability
  • A tenacious attitude and a willingness to work hard

If you fit the profile, you could be the perfect candidate for a career in beauty therapy

Progression/Career Development

The beauty therapy sector is particularly dynamic, with new treatments and technologies being introduced all the time.  It is therefore essential for professional beauticians to remain on the cutting-edge of the industry, bringing all the latest services to their clients as soon as they hit the market.

Qualified beauticians enjoy the freedom to choose between a wide variety of potential career paths.  Some pursue rewarding roles with established employers, while others are all about the benefits of self-employment.  In both instances, earnings potential is high and job satisfaction can be even higher.

Taking the Next Step

The first step on the journey towards becoming a successful beautician is building the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to provide a wide variety of treatments. Hands-on experience is essential, but developing an appropriate educational background is also mandatory.

Precisely where a flexible online course can help, enabling you to study for an endorsed beauty therapy award in your spare time. With no fixed study schedules or time restrictions imposed, an online course could be the ideal alternative to conventional classroom studies for candidates with busy lifestyles.

Online Nutrition Courses

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