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14 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Reasons to Start Your Own Business

All across the country, thousands of people dream of starting their own businesses from scratch.  But in terms of how many actually breathe life into their dreams, the number is considerably lower. 

Wherever you are and whatever your interests, the Internet has made it easier than ever before for anyone interested in setting up their business to do exactly that.  While a great deal of time, effort and commitment will always be necessary when it comes to making a success of any business, it is nonetheless a genuinely accessible career path for most.  In fact, with little more than an Internet connection and plenty of ambition, there’s no reason why today couldn’t be the day your very own enterprise takes its first step toward full establishment.

So for those remaining on the fence and perhaps needing a nudge in the right direction, what follows is a brief overview of 14 highly motivating reasons to consider starting your own business right now:

Be Your Own Boss

First of all, the appeal of being your own boss is largely self-explanatory.  There’s simply nothing in the world more liberating than walking away from a conventional job and knowing that you will never have to answer to anybody other than yourself again.  You choose what happens, you choose when it happens and you choose how it happens – you steer the ship from start to finish.  And best of all, you know that all of your hard work is being invested for your own benefit, rather than somebody else’s.

No More Office Politics

Most people working in an office environment would probably agree that office politics are not what you’d call a particularly pleasant part of the job.  Even if you get on with the vast majority of your colleagues and your managers alike, there are still so many aspects of office politics you absolutely will not miss.  And when you become your own boss by starting your own business, you will never have to deal with office politics, ever again.

You Take Full Control

Rather than simply having to play by the rules and knowing that your voice probably goes unheard most of the time, starting your own business means taking full control of everything.  This gives you total freedom to make any and every decision you feel to be correct, without a) worrying about upsetting others or b) being overruled.  If you’ve always known you’ve got what it takes to lead, this is your chance to do exactly that.

Your Time is Your Own

If you choose to carry on the usual nine-to-five regime, feel free to do so.  By contrast, if you believe you work best between 4am and 11am, why not make these your working hours? And when it comes to time off, how about squeezing a few extra hours in each day to enjoyan extended weekend?  When you work for yourself, you and you alone take charge of your schedule and your time remains 100% your own.

You Can Work from Almost Anywhere

One of the best things about setting up an online business is the way in which your business in its entirety exists in the form of a computer.  Just as long as you have an Internet connection, you can run and manage your business from pretty much anywhere in the world at any time.  If you don’t want to pay for an office, you can work from home.  If you don’t like the idea of working from home, you can take your computer and work from anywhere you choose.  And if you fancy taking an impromptu three-month trip to a Caribbean Island, you’ll always have the option of taking your work with you.

You Choose Your Own Projects

Once you have set up your business doing whatever it is you do, you’ll have total freedom when it comes to the kinds of projects you take on.  If you are a web content specialist but have no experience in sales, you do not have to accept any sales projects.  If you would rather not spend your time building the website of a company you have strong feelings against, you don’t need to work with them.  It’s not to say you will always be offered the jobs of your dreams, but it does at least mean that you will never have to take on any jobs you simply cannot stand again.

You Can Work with the Clients of Your Choosing

By taking control of your own business, you also take full control of the clients you are willing to work with.  For example, if a client despite offering a fantastic money is clearly an absolute nightmare to work with, you do not have to work with them.  Likewise, if you find that a client is wasting your time or proving impossible to satisfy, you are perfectly within your rights to fire your clients.  Your total freedom means freedom to work with exactly who you want and nobody else.

No More Unpaid Working Hours

There’s nothing more demotivating than working additional hours in a salaried position, knowing full well that you will not receive an additional penny for your efforts.  When you work for yourself, every hour you invest is an hour invested in your business, your profits and your success.  Suffice to say, you may find working additional hours significantly more enjoyable than you used to.

You Can Earn as Much as You Like

While it may take some time for yourbusiness to gain momentum, there’s technically no limit to how much you can earn once it does.  After all, there are technically no limits with regard to the number of hours you can put in over any given week, month or year – all the time your business is operational, you’re earning more money.

There Are Practically No Overheads

Another incredible bonus of setting up a business online is the way in which there are practically no overheads to worry about.  You don’t necessarily need an office, any specialist equipment or even any employees.  Armed with nothing but a computer and an Internet connection, it’s perfectly possible to set up an outstanding online business and revel in the fact that every penny that comes in represents pure profit.

Total Job Security

While your own efforts will determine whether or not your business is a success, at least as your own boss you never have to worry about being fired.  Not only this, but the vast majority of people who go into business for themselves never again set foot in a conventional office environment.  Even if their initial business venture doesn’t work out, they learn lessons, build on their mistakes and stand a much greater chance of succeeding next time around.

You’ll Learn So Much

That being said, if you do make the decision to return to an office job at any time, you will benefit from a wealth of experience that will help you both land the job and succeed in your chosen career.  It takes a very specific set of skills and competencies to set up a business from scratch – not to mention plenty of confidence, motivation, tenacity and determination.

Do Something You Love

The number one rule when it comes to setting up an online business from scratch is that whatever you decide to do, it must be something you love.  You cannot expect to succeed by getting into any line of business, simply with the intention of making money or for an easy ride.  It needs to be something you are genuinely passionate about, otherwise you will never give it 100% and therefore cannot expect 100% in return.

The Start of Something Big

Last but not least, some of the biggest billion-dollar companies to take the world by storm over the last couple of decades have started out as nothing more than simple DIY web-based ventures.  What’s important to remember is that when you are an employee of a company, all you are ever doing is contributing to the legacy of somebody else and somebody else’s brand.  By contrast, working for yourself a means that you are continually building your own legacy, not to mention something that could one day be huge.

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