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Free Distance Learning Programs

free distance learning courses

To most people, the idea of something valuable being given away completely free of charge is too good to be true.  Not that products and services aren’t frequently touted as free, but there are usually way too many few strings attached.  Which is precisely why it is natural to be sceptical when it comes to the idea of free distance learning programs

After all, what’s to gain on the business end of the deal?

A Growing Trend

Carry out a quick web search and it becomes immediately apparent that free online education is a big deal these days.  There are hundreds of providers offering access to thousands of different courses, covering pretty much every subject and specialism imaginable.  Here at Oxford Home Study College, we likewise recently introduced our own range of outstanding-quality free distance learning programs.

All over the world, adults of all ages are proactively pursuing further education as a means by which to boast their career prospects, improve their knowledge in subjects of interest and discover exciting new topics.  One of the biggest concerns shared among those considering returning to their education is the cost of doing so.  This is of course anything but surprising, when taking into account the prices of certain distance learning programs offered by leading colleges and universities.  As a result, interest in free online study courses is accelerating at record-pace – demand that is being catered to by a growing number of online colleges.

The only difference being that when you study with us, there is absolutely no catch whatsoever.

When Free Isn’t Free

Instinct might tell you that most offers of free courses are too good to be true…instinct would also be quite right.  More often than not, when you enroll on a free distance learning course with a popular provider, you quickly learn that you will in fact face costs prior to completion.  It could be that professional marking of your assessments is not included for free, the course materials required to complete the course must be purchased, tutor support comes at an additional cost or you have no choice but to pay the provider to receive a certificate of completion.

In all such cases, free really isn’t free at all. 

It’s not to say that you might not get solid value for money out of the deal, but still…free really isn’t most appropriate word.  Which is why its crucially important to familiarize yourself with all applicable terms, conditions and clauses, before even thinking about signing up for a free course.

Our Take on Free

Here at Oxford Home Study College, we’ve always championed affordable, accessible and enjoyable learning of the highest quality.  Not only this, but we fundamentally believe that budget restrictions should never prevent motivated individuals from enhancing their education.

This is what led us to launch a brand-new and fully-exclusive range of free distance learning opportunities, covering a wide variety of popular subjects and specialisms.  And you can absolutely rest assured that when Oxford Home Study College says these courses are free, that’s exactly what they are – 100% free with not a penny to pay.

Enrolment is open 365 days a year and will not cost you a dime.  What’s more, we provide all required course materials as standard – again, 100% free of charge.  Every candidate also benefits from our comprehensive customer service package, including full tutor support as and when required.  In addition, successful candidates will receive a free completion certificate from us, as proof of having gained the required skills and knowledge.

Free course customers are also offered the opportunity to claim a fully accredited ABC Awards certificate, which although chargeable is 100% optional.

Something for Nothing

Our free courses represent the perfect opportunity to begin studying a new subject from scratch, paving the way for higher-level education or the start of a new career.  Every course we offer is structured to be as easily approachable and digestible as possible, regardless of existing knowledge or experience.

Just a few of our most popular free distance learning programs include our:

Once again, absolutely everything you need to complete the course is included as standard without a penny to pay.  You are free to study in your own time at a pace that suits you and there are absolutely no time restrictions to worry about.

What’s the catch?  When you study with Oxford Home Study College, we’re delighted to say – there really isn’t one!