Online Management Courses.

OHSC is proud to offer an extensive range of Online Management Courses. Suitable for application in a wide variety of industries and professional settings, we make studying for recognised qualifications flexible and enjoyable. Whether pursuing promotion or considering a change in direction, our qualifications can help supercharge your career.

We impose no time restrictions, no deadline and all course materials are included as standard. Make today the day you take your first important steps toward a rewarding position in management – all with the help of OHSC. Enrol today for management courses online.

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Strategic Change Management (Level 3)

Change Management Certification Online. In personal and professional settings alike, change is the very foundation of new...
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Certificate in Team Leading Skills (Level 2)

Online Leadership Training What separates the average supervisor from the genuine team leader? Simple – one provides...
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Crisis Management (Level 3)

Crisis Management Course. Unplanned eventualities and unexpected incidents represent normal and inevitable elements in...
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E-Commerce Management (Level 3)

E-Commerce Online Course. The global e-commerce industry is in a state of spectacular acceleration and evolution. ...
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Certificate in Performance Management (Level 3)

Managing Employees Course Online. Want to know how to manage employees effectively? The art of professional people...
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Anger Management (Level 2)

Anger Management Course Online. Though generally considered a counterproductive emotion, anger can in fact be channelled...
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Conflict Resolution (Level 2)

Conflict Resolution Certificate Online. Wherever opinions, priorities and personalities differ, conflict will be inevitable. ...
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Disability Awareness (Level 2)

Disability Awareness Course. The disabled community on a global basis represents an extraordinary yet wholly-undervalued...
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Time Management (Level 2)

Time Management Course Online. It’s often said in the business world that time is money. Time invested wisely facilitates...
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Managing Virtual Work Place (Level 2)

Managing a Virtual Workplace Course. The virtual workplace presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for the...
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Stress Management (Level 2)

Stress Management Online Course. Though often interpreted as negative emotions, it’s how we respond to stress and...
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Certificate in Team Leading Skills (Level 3)

Leadership Skills Course. At the very core of any successful team lies a talented, knowledgeable and dedicated team leader....
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Certificate in Management (Level 3)

Online Management Certificate. To step from a standard team member position into a management role is perhaps the most...
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Diploma in Management (Level 4)

Diploma of Management Online. At the heart of every successful business and organisation lies a team of outstanding and...
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Management Course (Level 1)

management short course
Management Short Course (Level 1) The step between team member and manager is both the biggest and most important any profe...
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