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The Most Attractive Careers with a Business Degree

Careers with a Business Degree

Careers with a Business Degree

What are the most attractive careers with a business degree for ambitious graduates in 2018?

Exactly what qualifies as an ‘attractive’ career is of course subjective.  For some, the most attractive careers are those that demand minimal commitment, allowing for more time to spend with family and friends.  For others, working 100-hour weeks and collecting spectacular salaries really is what career success is all about.

Still, you could argue that the most attractive careers of all are those that strike something of a happy medium between the two extremes.  Careers that combine solid earnings with job satisfaction and the kind of long-term security that’s worth its weight in gold.

Business Studies

The good news being that for those exploring careers with a business degree, there’s no shortage of options.  The following representing just a few examples of the countless careers business graduates would be wise to look into:

Advertising or Marketing Manager

Worldwide, senior marketers and advertising executives enjoy extraordinary job security, with limitless opportunities for progression.  While some sectors may waver from time to time, demand for outstanding marketing services is growing like never before.  Marketing managers taking control of advertising plan coordination, monitoring and supervising team performance, negotiating contracts and so on.  Potential earnings in the sector are largely boundless.

Financial Manager

It’s a similar story for those who pursue careers in financial management.  Demand for such services on a global basis having never been stronger.  Business degrees and master’s degrees alike are typically regarded as mandatory for higher level positions in financial settings.  The services of financial managers going above and beyond those of traditional accountants, extending to market trend analysis and general data analysis, supervision of financial teams, advanced budgeting, preparation of statements and so on.  The perfect career for graduates with a business degree and an interest in the more numerical side of business operations.

Sales Manager

One of the biggest perks associated with getting into sales management is the potential for enormous bonuses and commissions.  Depending on your position, location and responsibilities, you could be looking at an outstanding salary with limitless potential for additional earnings.  Not only this, but demand for capable sales managers is just about as constant as it gets.  Executive positions in sales and marketing alike represent outstanding careers with a business degree for those with existing sales acumen of any kind.

Training & Development Manager

The quality and capabilities of the workforce play a direct role in the wider success of the organization.  Which in turn means that training and development managers perform one of the most important functions at the heart of every business.  Unsurprisingly, companies worldwide are more than willing to spend quite enormous sums of money on the most outstanding training and development managers in their field.  Both in terms of independent agencies and in-house trainers alike, business degrees can help kickstart incredible careers in training and development.

Corporate Executive

Though something of a broad and relatively vague term, corporate executives play a key part in company strategy development, generally determining the future direction of the business.  It’s usually a case of joining the business at a relatively high-level, before working up to executive positions.  Along with a business degree, corporate executive roles typically demand a good level of experience and comprehensive familiarity with the organization in question.  On the plus side, landing a corporate executive position usually means taking home a solid six-figure sum and endless other perks and privileges.

Production Manager

Production managers watch over the daily operations of manufacturing and general industrial facilities.  They take charge in environments where anything from automobiles to aeroplanes to everyday kitchen appliances are designed and manufactured.  The beauty of the production management position being that even in an era where robotic automation is leading to reduced general workforce demand, higher-level supervisory, management and executive human roles will always play a part in the industry.

Administrative Services Manager

Perhaps the biggest advantage of exploring administrative management careers with a business degree is the universal value of these services at the heart of the modern business.  Absolutely every organisation without exception requires competent administrative services provision and management, in order to function.  Essentially, administrative services managers are responsible for ensuring all administrative and general office procedures keep the business moving in the right direction.  A position that combines business and administrative acumen with people management skills at the highest level.

Human Resource Specialist

A business degree can also lead on to the most extraordinary career in HR.  Once again, it’s the human workforce that serves as the lifeblood for every organisation at every level.  Human resource specialists oversee all recruitment, deployment and general career advancement opportunities across the entire workplace. The future success of both the organisation and its workforce rests squarely in their hands.  A position of enormous responsibility therefore, but also a career that combines incredible job satisfaction with generous earnings potential.

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