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Distance Learning Courses

Welcome to Oxford Home Study Centre – the UK’s number-one in outstanding distance learning opportunities.

Distance Learning Courses – Fully Accredited and Open For Enrolment All Year!

Distance learning in the United Kingdom has never been more popular or relevant. As a means by which to gain an important edge over the competition, more adults of all ages are studying at home than ever before.

Regardless of what you do, what you’d like to do or how ambitious your aspirations may be, Oxford Home Study Centre can help bring your dreams to life!

Why is Distance Learning So Popular?

Along with providing candidates with the opportunity to study dynamic modern subjects, distance learning offers a number of key advantages over standard education. For busy adults in particular, our home study courses  provide the perfect opportunity to develop new skills, explore new subjects and refresh existing knowledge.

Just a few of the reasons for the growing popularity of distance learning include:

  • You work in your time and at your own pace
  • There are no deadlines or time limitations of any sort
  • Focus on your family and other commitments while studying
  • Study from anywhere convenient with no commuting necessary
  • Delay your studies for as long as necessary if your circumstances change
  • Explore subjects that have always fascinated you
  • Perhaps turn existing hobbies and interests into a career
  • A uniquely affordable approach to adult education.

Distance learning goes over and above standard education in so many ways. Here at Oxford Home Study Centre, we’re committed to offering both the courses and the complete service package that bring our clients success!

A quality distance learning course can breathe new life into your career. Whether looking to start something new, climb the ranks in your existing position or simply become the best you can be, a recognised qualification could make all the difference.

Why Study with Oxford Home Study Centre?

We understand you have a choice when it comes to selecting a school, so why should you trust Oxford Home Study Centre with your education?

  • We hand-select every distance learning course we offer for outstanding quality
  • Expert tutors offer full assistance and support while studying
  • We only offer courses that are fully accredited and recognised
  • Our courses are available for enrolment throughout the whole year
  • Most courses require no prior knowledge or experience
  • Popular courses are available at different levels to suit all candidates 
  • We offer world-class distance learning for the lowest possible prices
  • Payment plans available to spread the costs.

The key to successful distance learning lies in flexibility. Oxford Home Study Centre makes it easy to study the subject of your choosing at any level, alongside your professional, private and domestic responsibilities.

Do More of What You Love

Whether you wish to spend several hours each day or just an hour or two each week studying, Oxford Home Study Centre has the perfect course to suit. We’re highly passionate about education and see distance learning as the perfect opportunity to do more of what you love!

  •  If you’re obsessed with makeup and cosmetics, why not study the become a beauty therapist?
  • Consider yourself a health fanatic? A career as a nutrition advisor could be just around the corner!
  • If numbers are your game, why not consider learning the ropes of accounting and finance?
  • Looking for promotion to a management position? Our online management courses could turbo-charge your prospects!
  • Always dreamed of starting your own business?  Our business studies online courses will guide you through every step of the process!

We believe that when you love every minute of what you do, it’s almost impossible not to succeed. That’s why Oxford Home Study Centre is committed to offering the most enjoyable, interesting and comprehensively accessible distance learning courses for everyone.

Get Started Today!

Signing up with Oxford Home Study Centre couldn’t be easier, so why not take a look through our complete course library, or perhaps browse our most popular courses by category? We are always adding to our course collection with the latest distance learning opportunities – we’d love to hear from you to discuss the latest new additions. You can even take advantage of our free courses. For more information about our free online courses browse our website. 

Whatever it takes to jump-start your career or take your prospects to a higher level, Oxford Home Study Centre is here to help.

Take a look at our course list in full, or get in touch with the team today to discuss that all-important first step to an incredible future!