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Human Resources Courses

Human Resources Courses

Discover the important role HR management plays in a modern business setting, with a world-class distance learning opportunity from Oxford Home Study College. Explore Human Resources courses now.

At the heart of every successful business lies the team of human resources that make things happen. Without sufficiently competent and capable human resources, it would be entirely impossible for any business to function. Every member of the workforce at every level represents a critically important human resource – a link in a much larger chain than drives the business forward. Bringing key human resources together to build a cohesive and functional workforce is the primary duty of the HR manager.

The strength of a brand or business is almost always determined by the strength of its workforce. Human resource managers are responsible for initial recruitment and training, ongoing coaching and development, handling of employee grievances, disciplinary procedures and all other issues involving members of the workforce. Every decision the HR manager makes can have a direct and significant effect on the wider business. HR management is an intense, constant and ever-evolving process that demands an extensive and diverse professional skills-set.

Human Resources Courses at Oxford Home Study College

Oxford Home Study College is the UK’s leading provider of superior-quality distance learning opportunities. We’re proud to offer a range of online HR management courses, designed specifically for home study and with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about. We’re committed to making distance learning as accessible, affordable and enjoyable as possible, providing all course materials and full tutor support as standard. We also offer a wide range of Free Online Courses.

Our highest-level Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 4) is ideally suited to those looking to study the HR profession in comprehensive depth, while our Certificate in HR Management (Level 3) offers an introductory exploration of a variety of key concepts. We’re also proud to offer a high-quality Level 1 HR Course online, now 100% free of charge!

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Benefits of Studying Human Resource Management

The importance of human resource management becomes clear when considering the importance of human resources to the modern business – any business. Organisations of all shapes and sizes spanning public and private sectors alike are dependent on both their HR contingencies and the managers overseeing them. Until the day arrives when human workers are rendered comprehensively obsolete, there will always be strong demand for qualified and capable HR managers.

Studying HR management before taking up a professional positon can help ensure the strongest possible groundwork is laid for a fantastic career. Likewise, those already working in HR roles at lower levels may find their prospects improve significantly by studying for a recognised qualification. Online HR management courses are suitable for existing workers and newcomers alike, providing a uniquely flexible and accessible approach to further education.

Scope of Studying Human Resource Management

To study HR management at any level is to benefit from enhanced career prospects, a deeper understanding of the role and improved professional competencies. Recognised qualifications help candidates stand out as promising prospects for promotion or initial recruitment.

Just a few of the benefits of studying HR management include:

1 – Universal Relevance

The skills, talents and knowledge candidates pick up while studying HR are of universal relevance across all business types and sectors. Every organisation needs a strong HR contingency and the relevant management to oversee the workforce.

2 – Promotion Prospects

The HR career ladder presents a wide variety of opportunities for promotion and advancement. Even those who start out at an entry-level position often find themselves climbing much higher in a comparatively short period of time.  

3 – Job Security

Contrary to popular belief, it will be some time before technology entirely replaces the human workforce in most business environments. For the foreseeable future therefore, the role of the qualified HR manager is one of total long-term job security.

4 – People Management

The people management skills picked up while working as an HR manager can be transferred to an endless variety of other roles/positions in supervision and management. Once again therefore, future career prospects are wide open.

5 – Job Satisfaction

Much of the daily duties of the HR manager are geared toward hiring, training, coaching and nurturing the development of workforce members. Their efforts can be life-changing for those they work with, which translates to real fulfilment and job satisfaction.

Studying HR with Oxford Home Study Centre

Many of the key competencies and skills required to make it in HR management are picked up, refined and honed during on-the-job experience. However, it’s equally important to start out with a strong theoretical foundation, upon which to build professional capabilities. Leaders in HR also need a very specific set of personal character traits – as is the case in every role involving people management.

  • Salary – HR roles start out at entry-level supervisory positions with salaries in the region of £18,000. With experience, a senior HR manager can easily earn in excess of £50,000 per year, while executives and HR directors generally take home £100,000+ annually.

  • Working Life – Most HR teams and managers work standard office hours from Monday to Friday – evening and weekend work being comparatively rare. Playing a direct role in the organisation’s “hiring and firing” decisions, it is a role of high responsibility.
  • Potential Employers – Every business with a human workforce represents a potential employer for those with relevant HR qualifications and/or experience. Demand for capable HR managers is just as strong internationally as it is across the United Kingdom.
  • Self-Employment – HR managers rarely work in a self-employed capacity, instead being taken on for long-term roles within established organisations. Setting up an HR agency or consultancy from scratch is always an option for qualified candidates, however.

For more information on any of our HR courses online or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with our admissions team today on + 44 01865 686162, or drop us a line at [email protected].