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Travel and Tourism Courses

Travel and Tourism Courses

Explore one of the world’s most dynamic modern industries and carve out an incredible career for life.  Take control of your future with a high quality Travel and Tourism Courses from Oxford Home Study College.

The global travel and tourism industry caters to the needs of every individual wishing to travel from one place to another, for any given reason.  From family holidays to business trips to round-the-world adventures to ecotourism, an extraordinary number of people both choose to and have to travel, every minute of every day.

For those who work in the travel and tourism industry, roles and responsibilities vary exponentially.  Whether it’s organising package holidays, putting together last minute business trips, creating excursions or managing global transport providers, it is an incredibly wide-reaching and diverse industry.  In addition, it is also one of the most comprehensively robust, relevant and reliable from a business perspective – a sector that is largely impervious to political and economic pressures.

The travel and tourism industry is evolving all the time, but one thing that will never change is the way in which demand for quality travel services is constantly intensifying.

Travel and Tourism Courses at Oxford Home Study College

Oxford Home Study College is proud to offer the industry’s highest quality online travel and tourism courses, available right now for immediate enrolment.  Along with outstanding quality course content, OHSC candidates benefit from fully flexible distance learning programs, with no deadlines and no time restrictions to worry about.

Study the industry in comprehensive depth with our flagship Level 4 Diploma in Travel and Tourism, or explore the subject’s most important fundamentals with our Level 3 Certificate.  We are also delighted to offer an exclusive Level 1 Travel and Tourism Course – 100% free of charge!

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Studying Travel and Tourism Online with OHSC?

Perhaps the best way of illustrating the true importance of travel and tourism as a subject is to take a look of the numbers.  Over the course of the last 50 years, the industry has evolved to such an extent that its origins seem almost archaic.  On an annual basis, the total contribution travel and tourism make to the global economy exceeds $7 trillion.  Every year, tourist numbers worldwide climb in excess of 1.1 billion, with the hotel sector alone generating no less than $460 billion.

An industry of enormous complexity, it is difficult to fully get to grips with how the travel and tourism sector works without targeted study.  For those willing to commit however, it is an industry with simply limitless scope in terms of career development and progression.  In fact, statistics show that the UK’s travel and tourism sector alone increased hiring in 2015 by almost 5.5% - almost doubling the vast majority of all other key industries.

The Benefits of Our Online Travel and Tourism Courses

As mentioned above, the fact that travel and tourism represents such an extraordinarily secure and relevant sector in which to begin a career highlights the benefits of studying the subject.  Many of the skills and competencies required to climb the career ladder demand extensive professional experience.  Nevertheless, the most outstanding careers in travel and tourism are always built upon a solid educational foundation. OHSC offers some free online travel and tourism courses as well.

Just a few of the benefits of studying travel and tourism online include:

1 – A Growing Industry

Not only is the travel and tourism sector one of the world’s largest and most lucrative, but it’s also in a continual state of growth.  In terms of career opportunities and the possibility of advancement, there a few contemporary industries that come close.

2 – Diversity

Specific roles within the travel and tourism sector are spectacularly diverse and call for an endless range of talents and specialisms.  From sales representatives to tour operators to hoteliers and so on, it’s a fantastic industry to put your skills and experience to valuable use.

3 – Job Security

As already touched upon, the fact that the sector is so incredibly robust and resilient means that a career in travel and tourism can often be a career for life.  Not only this, but the possibility of enjoying an extremely lucrative working life is also very realistic.

4 – The Chance to Travel

Unsurprisingly, working in travel and tourism often means having the opportunity to travel on a regular basis, both for professional purposes and recreationally.  Free travel and heavy discounts more often than not accompany generous reward packages.

5 – Fulfilment

In addition, there’s also much to be said for the satisfaction that comes with spending your working life assisting others with their important travel plans.  Everything you do is geared toward the satisfaction and delight of your clients and customers.

Scope of Studying Travel and Tourism

The skills and talents required to make it in the travel and tourism industry will always vary significantly, in accordance with position and level.  Nevertheless, it is important to build a strong theoretical knowledge of the industry as it stands today, regardless of the role or specialism you are interested in.

  • Salary – Those with recognised travel and tourism qualifications can usually expect to start at around the £20,000 mark, while an experienced travel agent may take home in the region of £28,000. For executives, agency owners, company directors and so on, there is no upper limit in terms of potential earnings.
  • Working Life – Travel agents can expect to work standard retail hours, though working hours for those in other positions can be more unpredictable. From tour guides to brand representatives to those working in hospitality, the travel and tourism industry operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Potential Employers – Every travel agency, tour operator, hotel, transport provider and so on worldwide represents a potential employer for qualified candidates.
  • Self-Employment – It is comparatively rare for travel and tourism professionals to work for themselves, though some make the decision to establish their own online travel agencies or consultancies.

For more information on any of our travel and tourism courses online or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with our admissions team today on + 44 01865 686162, or drop us a line at [email protected].