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Hospitality Management Courses

Hospitality Management Courses

Enhance your CV and inject new life into your career prospects with a world-class distance learning Hospitality Management Course from the UK’s market leader - Oxford Home Study Centre.

Hotel management is the umbrella term that refers to the control and optimisation of every key process required to keep a hotel up and running. Hotel managers exist in a wide variety of guises and take care of various highly-specific duties, in accordance with their respective departments. The role is one that combines people management, quality control, exceptional customer service and professional business management.

A hotel is made up of multiple equally-essential departments, which must come together in order to get the job done. These include the front desk, the reservations department, accountancy and finance, food & beverage, maintenance, housekeeping, security and more. Departmental managers oversee each department accordingly, while deputy and general hotel managers take responsibility for the business as a whole.

Hospitality Management Courses at Oxford Home Study Centre

Every Hospitality Management Course here at Oxford Home Study Centre has been crafted from the ground up with distance learning in mind. We provide all course materials, there are no deadlines to worry about and our expert tutors are always available to help. Successful candidates will receive a recognised certificate or diploma, providing essential CV enhancement and broadening employment prospects.

Explore the industry in outstandingly comprehensive detail with our Level 4 Hotel Management Course Online, or take a look at the core elements of the profession with our Level 3 Hospitality Course Online. Whether looking to advance your current career or try something entirely new, our Hospitality Management Courses could help you take that first important step. For hotel management course details, see our hotel management category. Interested in a free hotel management course? See more details about our free online courses here. 

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Why Take a Hospitality Management Course Online?

Even in the face of economic and political turmoil on a global level, the hospitality industry is one that doesn’t waver. The global hotel industry now generates more than $550 billion in revenues every year, with growth having continued even at the height of the financial crisis. Whatever comes to pass, there will always be millions of people who want and need to travel, requiring quality lodgings at their destination.

The hospitality management profession is important because quality of management is often what determines which hotels succeed and which struggle. Every town and city across much of the developed world is home to dozens, even hundreds of hotels – all competing for the same customers. It is the job of the hotel manager to ensure that every link in the chain comes together, producing a product and service package that goes beyond that of rivals. See hotel management course details here.

Ultimately, it is the hotel manager’s job to ensure that each and every guest is provided with the same, consistently-flawless experience from the moment they enter to their departure. In addition, hotel managers play a key role in controlling costs, marketing, guest relations and generally presenting the business as a product of the highest quality. Competition is both abundant and fierce, which is precisely why skilled and experienced hotel managers represent priceless business assets.

Hotel Management Course Details: Why Study Hospitality Management

Given that demand for quality accommodation is growing all the time, so too is demand for superior hotel managers. From transforming struggling businesses to upholding the reputation of major international brands, hotel management is a position of responsibilities and rewards in equally high measures.

The primary benefits of studying hospitality management include:

1 –Incredible Job Security

As already mentioned, the hospitality industry is one of very few that are largely immune to global economic and political pressures. Even when so many industries are struggling and jobs are being put under threat, the hotel industry continues unscathed.

2 – Global Opportunities

Another enormous benefit of studying hotel management is the way in which the skills, knowledge and qualifications earned can be put to use almost anywhere in the world. Professional hotel management skills are universal, opening up an abundance of career opportunities globally.

3 – Growing Employment Prospects

The number of hotels and accommodation providers in the majority of major cities is increasing all the time. As such, so too is the need for exceptional management teams to take control of their operations.

4 – Excellent Promotion Prospects

The hospitality industry is one that is highly-committed to promoting from within and advancing the career of those who stand out. As such, no matter what level you start out at, there is always every opportunity of quickly climbing the ranks to a higher position.

5 – Broad-Reaching Skills

To become a successful hotel manager, it is important to first master the skills required to run each core department flawlessly. This in turn means picking up an extraordinary array of skills, talents and knowledge that can be applied to a wide variety of industries and long-term career paths.

Scope of Studying Hospitality Management

It takes a great deal of time and experience to become an elite and respected hotel manager. Nevertheless, it is of the utmost importance to build strong theoretical knowledge of each core element that makes up the hotel business. From departmental duties to accountancy to marketing to PR and more, it is a multi-faceted professional discipline with much to explore.

  • Salary– Average salaries vary wildly, starting out at around £17,000 for departmental supervisors and extending beyond £100,000 for general hotel managers. In most cases, the rewards and perks of working in hospitality tend to particularly generous. 

  • Working Life – As hotels are 24-hour businesses that operate every day of the year, it is normal for most employees to work flexible and variable hours. Senior management will primarily work standard office hours, while supervisors and departmental managers may be required at almost all times.
  • Potential Employers – There are literally hundreds of thousands of hotels and leisure groups all over the world that are constantly on the lookout for qualified and competent professionals. The number of potential employers is practically limitless.
  • Self-Employment– Opening a private hotel or guest house is a highly popular option, though success will often depend on gaining sufficient industry knowledge and experience beforehand.

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