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Fashion Designing Courses

Fashion Designing Courses

Explore one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting creative industries, with endorsed Fashion Designing Courses from Oxford Home Study Centre.

Fashion design is a form of art that focuses exclusively on the design and manufacturing of clothing and accessories. It is an industry dedicated exclusively to creativity and the pursuit of aesthetic perfection. The global fashion industry exists in a great many guises, though the field of modern fashion design is usually divided into two categories – ready-to-wear and haute couture.

In order to succeed as a fashion designer, creativity and artistic flair must be balanced with a strong sense of self. Every designer will inherently have their own philosophy and design aesthetic, which will ultimately determine both their brand and their primary audience. Success requires the ability to work with current trends and pre-empt future fashion movements, while at the same time injecting genuine uniqueness and personality into every piece.

Envisioning and designing fabulous collections is only one small piece of the puzzle. What often makes the difference between a successful fashion designer and a failure is the ability to present and market their brand effectively. To be a fashion designer is to effectively be your very own brand and business – one that requires patience and hard work to get off the ground. Nevertheless, to break into the fashion industry is to enjoy the prospect of a uniquely rewarding and glamorous career for life.

Fashion Designing Courses at Oxford Home Study Centre

An outstanding fashion design course from Oxford Home Study Centre could be your ticket to a future career in fashion design. We’re proud to offer a selection of fully-accredited fashion design courses, designed from the ground up with home study in mind. All course materials are provided by us and with no deadlines to worry about, you’re free to study in your own time and at your own pace.

Our complete range of endorsed Fashion Design Courses includes the following programs:

Explore every core element of the fashion design industry with our world-class Level 4 or 5 online fashion designing courses, or lay the foundation for future study with our Level 3 Certificate in fashion design. Whatever it takes to help breathe life into your career aspirations, Oxford Home Study Centre is here to help. Want to develop skills for a fashion designer? Make a start today with our free online courses and Free Fashion Design courses.

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Becoming a Fashion Designer

The fashion design industry has proven to be 100% resistant to political and economic pressures, throughout the generations. The simple fact of the matter is that billions of people all over the world will always want to look good and feel great. As such, fashion design boasts a comprehensively safe and secure future– as do those who make waves in elite fashion circles.

In total, the global textile and garment industry is estimated to be worth more than $3,000 trillion. The world children's wear market alone was valued in excess of $186 billion annually by the end of 2014, with the combined menswear and womenswear markets pulling in no less than $1.1 trillion globally each year. In the UK alone, the fashion industry employs an impressive 790,000 professionals at a variety of levels.

The Benefits of Our Endorsed Fashion Design Courses

Fashion designers are not only garment creators, but also the inspirational figures the world turns to for guidance. They determine the trends the world follows and have the power to make almost any garment or look fashionable overnight. For clarification of the importance of fashion design, simply picture a world in which there was no such thing.

The primary benefits of becoming a fashion designer include:

1 –Total Creative Freedom

Comparatively few people are lucky enough to find themselves in positions that allow them to be as creative as they can be, day in and day out. Fashion design is all about creativity and putting an element of ‘you’ in everything you do.

2 – Tangible Results

There is no reward more satisfying than seeing your own creations and hard work bringing joy to others. You actually get to see the fruits of your efforts brought to life and serving their intended purpose.

3 – Do More of What You Love

People get into fashion design not because they need a job, but because it is their passion. Those who successfully crack the industry then have the privilege of doing exactly what it is they love to do most, every single day of their lives.

4 – Incredible Rewards

It’s of course no secret that the fashion design industry has the potential to be one of the most lucrative on the face of the Earth. Becoming a working fashion designer doesn’t necessarily guarantee fame and fortune, but it certain brings the prospect a sizeable step closer.

5 – Your Own Boss

For those who make the decision to set up solo, the appeal of becoming your own boss and creating your own working schedule is extraordinary.

Scope of Studying Fashion Design

A flair for design and an abundance of creative vision may be mandatory, but so too is a strong grasp of crucial industry theory. To develop a deeper understanding of the profession is to stand a much more realistic chance of taking the quantum leap from amateur designer to working professional.

This is particularly true for those looking to start their own businesses. A great deal of what’s involved in professional fashion design comes with experience. Essential business management theory must by contrast be studied before getting started.

  • Salary– Initial salaries for newcomers for the fashion industry don’t tend to be particularly high. Design assistants start at around the £17,000 mark, while junior designers might take home closer to £25,000. At a senior level however, experienced designers can easily take home £100,000+ while those with far-reaching reputation can essentially write their own tickets.
  • Working Life – Most fashion designers work standard office hours, often with plenty of additional hours thrown in. When looking to set up or meet deadlines, it is standard practice to work every available hour if necessary. There may also be a great deal of domestic and international travel involved, particularly for designers working at higher levels.
  • Self-Employment – May designers dream of setting up solo and starting their own fashion brands. This is always a highly-plausible prospect though required a strong understanding of the mechanics of business management.

For more information on any of our fashion management courses or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with our admissions team today on + 44 01865 686162, or drop us a line at [email protected].