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Workplace Health and Safety Courses

Workplace Health and Safety Courses

Enhance your workplace health and safety competencies, or explore a rewarding new career path. Study health and safety online with a high-end distance learning course from Oxford Home Study College.

A specific level of employee safety in the workplace has been a legal requirement in the United Kingdom, ever since the Health and Safety Act 1974came into effect. The details of the act clearly outline the key duties and responsibilities of every business owner and senior manager, when it comes to safeguarding employee health and safety. It is a subject in which there are no grey areas, no room for dispute and no flexibility. Employers must comply with applicable health and safety law, or face the consequences.

Right now, businesses of most shapes and sizes appoint their own health and safety supervisors, managers or teams. Their responsibility is to ensure that the business and its health and safety policies comply with those set out by UK law. Workplace health and safety has a direct impact on overall efficiency, productivity, profitability and business stability. As such, those working in a health and safety capacity contribute directly the organisation’s success.

Health and Safety Courses at Oxford Home Study College

Oxford Home Study College is the UK’s leading provider of world-class distance learning opportunities. We personally select and verify every home study program we offer, in order to guarantee outstanding content and value for money. With no time restrictions or deadlines, you’re free to study at a pace that suits you.

For an insightful introduction to the world of workplace health and safety, we offer a high-quality Level 2 Safety in the Workplace certificate – ideal for business owners, existing employees and jobseekers alike.

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The Benefits of Studying Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety is a uniquely important subject - it is both relevant and a key priority in every business and organisation in the UK. Across public and private sectors alike, employers are required by law to make employee health and safety their number-one priority. Nevertheless, the figures paint a picture of a widespread workplace culture where health and safety management still has a long way to go.

In the UK alone, no less than 1.2 million people are known to be suffering from a work-related illness. Along with around 76,000 workplace injuries that are recorded under RIDDOR annually, no less than 142 employees are killed in the workplace. The Labour Force Survey pegs the number of total workplace injuries (recorded and un-recorded) at around 611,000 per year. Due to workplace-related illness and injuries alone, a full 27.3 million working days are lost every year – equating to a cost of around £14.3 billion.

Unsurprisingly, those with extensive workplace health and safety training represent standout candidates for recruitment or promotion in the eyes of employers.

Scope of Studying Workplace Health and Safety

Studying workplace health and safety can be extremely beneficial, whether looking to begin a new career or already in employment. It is the kind of subject most believe they have a reasonably good understanding of – the figures above demonstrating that this clearly isn’t the case. While much of the subject comes down to simple common sense, there is a great deal of essential theory and legislation that must be studied in-depth.

Just a few of the benefits of studying workplace health and safety include:

1 – Universal Relevance

Regardless of where you choose to work, a strong understanding of workplace health and safety will always give you an edge over the competition. It is one of the few subjects that are universally relevant to every business and organisation bar none.

2 – Promotion Prospects

If you are already working, a recognised health and safety qualification could prove effective in enhancing promotion prospects. Employers always respond kindly to those who demonstrate their commitment to both the business and their own continuous-improvement.

3 – A Valuable Contribution  

Those who understand workplace health and safety are naturally in a better position to contribute to the overall health and safety culture of their own workplace. It is therefore a valid and valuable subject for all employees, including those who do not work directly in a health and safety capacity.

4 – Management Roles

Anyone working in a management role is required by law to have a strong understanding of workplace health and safety legislation. As such, those interesting in moving up to a management position in the future could benefit significantly by studying the subject in-depth.

5 – Business Safeguard

Any business that is found to be in any way flouting health and safety legislation could be prosecuted, fined or even closed down. Studying workplace health and safety can help ensure that critical errors and oversights are avoided, which may otherwise result in disaster.

Studying Workplace Health and Safety at OHSC

Due to the extensive and complex nature of workplace health and safety legislation, studying the subject comprehensively is mandatory. While safe working practices and policies can be established through on-the-job experience, it is vital to understand the legal side of employer responsibilities. 

For those willing to make the necessary commitment however, a recognised workplace health and safety qualification can make a powerful addition to a professional resume.

  • Salary – As of mid-2016, the average salary for a health and safety professional with up to four years’ experience was just under £31,000. Senior professionals with around 10 years’ experience take home an average of £44,000, while those who work in senior health and safety roles can earn £200,000+.
  • Working Life – Daily duties and working hours vary in accordance with the specific H&S position. Office hours are standard for senior health and safety managers, while those appointed workplace H&S supervisors will often balance their new responsibilities with their existing workload.
  • Potential Employers – Workplace health and safety is a universal priority across every business and organisation. Along with H&S positions directly with brands and businesses, potential employers also include hundreds of health and safety consultancies, along with local and national government positions.
  • Self-Employment – While it’s perfectly possible for an experienced health and safety professional to set up their own consultancy from scratch, self-employment in the field is comparatively rare.

For more information on any of our health and safety courses online or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with our admissions team today on + 44 01865 686162, or drop us a line at [email protected].