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Project Management Courses

Project Management Courses

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A project can be loosely defined as a temporary endeavour undertaken for the purposes of achieving a desired result. Across the business world, projects are continually being planned and implemented for a variety of purposes. Whether looking to boost revenue, minimise costs, improve customer relations or enhance brand reputation, projects have the potential to bring about almost any outcome.

As such, project management is defined as the application of skills, knowledge, processes and control, in order to facilitate a desired outcome. Projects may involve multiple participants spanning any number of countries, but it comes down to the project manager to oversee every element of the process.

From absolute independence to refined interpersonal skills to flawless time management are more, it’s a role that demands finely-honed soft skills and hard skills alike.

Project Management Courses at Oxford Home Study Centre

Oxford Home Study Centre is committed to making distance learning accessible, affordable and enjoyable. Each of our Project Management Certifications has been personally selected and verified by us for consistently outstanding quality. We provider all course materials, there are no deadlines and full tutor support is available at all times.

Our International Diploma in Project Management lays help lay an incredible foundation upon which to build an extraordinary career. Explore the basics of the profession with our Level 2 project management course online, or get your education off to an outstanding start with our Level 3 Project Management Certificate.

Oxford Home study College is also proud to offer free online project management courses. For further details see free online courses with certificates

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Why Study for Project Manager Certification Online?

Unlike conventional work, projects are temporary in nature and therefore always involve the same four phases – planning, execution, monitoring and closure. The project manager must be flawlessly proficient in all such areas, in order to succeed. While the aims, objectives and mechanics of every project differ enormously, the traits and qualities of the outstanding project manager are universal.

As projects play a critically important role in the running of any modern business, the exact same rings true for project managers. Companies and organisations spanning every contemporary sector are always on the lookout for skilled and experienced professionals to oversee key business projects. From simple budget adjustment projects to massive international merger opportunities, the project manager’s influence on the outcome is total.

Intensifying competition in every business sector is having a marked impact on the ambitiousness and frequency of projects being undertaken. The call for qualified project managers with the ability of driving projects toward success has therefore understandably never been higher. Online project management certification can be a good starting point for a prosperous future in this field.

The Benefits of Online Project Management Certification

Though it is technically possible to put projects into action without a project manager, it’s an extremely rare and risky method of operating. When a project and its desired result are of any importance whatsoever, comprehensive project management is a fundamental prerequisite.

The primary benefits of quality project management include:

1 –Reduced Chance of Failure

The primary purpose of project management is to ensure that the project succeed and failure risk is minimised. Even in instances where the final result isn’t exactly as originally planned, project management can more often than not rule out project failure.

2 – Maximised Efficiency

An experienced project manager can help ensure that each element of the project is approached and controlled with maximum efficiency. It isn’t only about getting the job done – it’s about achieving the desired result as efficiently as possible.

3 – A Primary Point of Contact

Business projects can quickly descend into chaos when there is no specific appointed manager to serve as primary liaison. Project manager provide essential points of contact for both internal and external communications.

4 – Effective Deployment of Resources

To bring in a professional project manager is to ensure that the most valuable human resources at the business’ disposal can be deployed more appropriately. This can ensure that productivity and output are in no way affected for the duration of the project.

5 – Quality Control

The project manager will also take primary responsibility for quality control throughout the project. This in turn helps ensure consistency of performance, in accordance with the expected quality standards and working ethos of the project manager.

Endorsed Project Management Certifications Online

As an incredibly diverse field that expands to every modern industry and sector, much of the learning process takes place on-the-job. Nevertheless, there a great deal of essential theory and technical knowledge that must be both studied and assimilated, before stepping into a career as a project manager.

A comprehensive understanding of the project life cycle is mandatory, as is detailed knowledge of each of the key project phases. A solid grasp of human resource management and business budgeting is also essential, as is a working knowledge of high-level communication management. The deeper your understanding of the profession, the better your chances of securing a highly-rewarding post. Develop essential skills of a project manager with project manager certification online at OHSC

  • Salary– Project management salaries depend entirely on experience and the level at which the individual works. Newcomers can expect in the region of £25,000 per year, though senior project managers working on global projects can easily take home £500,000 and up.
  • Working Life – Working hours and daily duties will be determined by the nature and location of the project itself. As such, it is possible to find yourself working office hours, evenings, weekends and bank holidays, with the potential requirement for regular travel.
  • Potential Employers – Almost every larger brand, business and organisation in the world will routinely work with project managers, or hire their own project management teams. From airlines to software companies to cellular networks to the UK government, career prospects really are incredibly broad.
  • Self-Employment– Many project managers choose to work freelance, or set up their own private consultancies from scratch. Success, however, usually means first gaining experience and establishing a strong reputation.

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