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Nutrition Courses

Nutrition Courses

Explore the fascinating subject of diet and nutrition with a world-class distance learning Nutrition Courses from Oxford Home Study Centre.

An element of the subject of nutrition, diet refers to the food and drink an organism consumes. It amounts to the ingredients, items and meals we put into our bodies, in order to facilitate key bodily functions. By contrast, nutrition is all about the value and purpose of the food and drink we consume. While every human being has a diet of some description, the nutritional value of any two diets can be fundamentally different.

In the world of the dietitian and nutritionist, the primary focus is that of contributing to a client or patient’s health-improvement or management, by way of dietary changes. Such professionals are routinely called upon to help and advise on the subject of weight management, when an illness demands dietary changes or when an individual has fallen into poor health due to their dietary choices.

What we choose to eat and the nutrients we supply our bodies with play a pivotally important role of every aspect of human health. From disease-prevention to weight loss to improved athletic performance, a balanced and healthy diet lies at the core of all such efforts.

Nutrition Courses at Oxford Home Study Centre

Oxford Home Study Centre is proud to offer an extensive collection of the finest distance learning Nutrition Courses Online. Each of our home study nutrition courses has been extensively verified for outstanding quality, along with the potential to significantly enhance your career prospects. Study in your own time and at your own pace, with professional tutor support whenever needed.

Our flagship Level 4 nutrition diploma online, offers the most comprehensive introduction to the profession – ideal for those looking to fast-track their progress. We also offer a high-quality Level 3 nutritionist certificate online, which explores the most important core elements of the subject and the industry. Some of our very popular courses are now avialble for absolutely free. For more details on our free online courses click here. 

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Why Choose Our Nutrition Courses Online?

Extensive research over several generations has provided the modern world an abundance of information on achieving health through quality nutrition. But at the same time, studies have also shown that poor dietary habits remain rife among the general population. In addition, thousands of entirely preventable deaths are attributed to unhealthy eating habits every year.

A healthy diet can dramatically reduce a person’s risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a variety of other devastating diseases. Nutritionists and dietitians play a pivotal role in helping the public make better dietary choices, both for the sake of their own health and that of their families. Nutrition courses online are a good starting point for your successful Nutritionist Career.

Why Consider a Nutritionist Career?

The input and advice of the professional dietitian or nutritionist can make the difference between continuing a path to self-destruction, or transforming the way the way the person lives their life for the better. The position in one of extreme responsibility and involves working closely with doctors and other medical professionals:

A qualified and experienced dietician can help with:

1 –Weight Management

Rather than trying an endless range of fad diets that simply do not work, the professional dietitian can create personalised plans of real value and effectiveness. For those looking to lose or better-manage their weight, the input of the dietitian can be of limitless value.

2 – Optimum Health

For those with the goal of improving their overall health and fitness, diet and nutrition represents the best possible starting point. Qualified professionals assist clients in establishing realistic goals, creating workable plans and nurturing commitment to healthier lifestyles.

3 – Specialist Eating Plans

Nutritionists will often work closely with other medical professionals, in order to help put together specialist eating plans for the sick, the elderly and those with specific nutritional requirements.

4 – Menu Management

Qualified professionals also play a key role in assisting with the creation and management of menus for schools, hospitals, care facilities and more.

5 – One-on-One Assistance

It has been proven time and time again that the one-on-one help and assistance provided by a dietitian or nutritionist makes it significantly more likely that short and long-term goals will be reached.

Scope of Studying Diet and Nutrition

As a research-focused subject based largely around science and medicine, there is a great deal of theory to study before entering the field as a working professional. Experience is priceless in value and an important component in building competence and expertise. Nevertheless, a deep understanding of human nutrition is essential for laying the foundations upon which to build a successful nutritionist career.

From the basics of nutrition to the mechanics of key nutrients and right through to working with eating disorders and illnesses, it is a wide-reaching and deeply-interesting subject.

  • Salary– Qualified dietitians usually enter the industry at around the £20,000 mark, though positions and salaries vary in accordance with the employer. The NHS generally pays dietitians and nutritionists between £20,000 and £45,000, while private employers negotiate salaries in accordance with experience and competence.
  • Working Life – Most dietitians and nutritionists will work standard office hours, Monday to Friday for a total of around 40 hours per week. It may also be necessary to work evenings and weekends, in accordance with the needs and preferences of patients and clients.
  • Potential Employers – The single largest employer of dietitians and nutritionists in the UK is the NHS. There are also numerous private healthcare companies that hire such professionals, both on permanent and temporary contractual bases.
  • Self-Employment – More qualified professionals are choosing to work for themselves than ever before, setting up online and using the web to find and secure clients. Freelancing is extremely common is this field, as is setting up diet and nutrition consultancies from scratch.

For more information on any of our nutrition courses online or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with our admissions team today on + 44 01865 686162, or drop us a line at [email protected].