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Construction Management Courses

Construction Management Courses

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Construction management is loosely defined as controlling the organisation, planning, coordination, implementation and completion of building projects. It represents a wide variety of activities and managerial processes that exist over and above the engineering and architectural elements of any given construction job. Ultimately, the construction manager works to ensure that all essential project targets are met, including deadlines and costs.

Along with playing a key role in overseeing every element of the project from start to finish, the construction manager is often also the direct liaison between the client/owner and the construction company. It is therefore their direct responsibility to ensure that all requests and demands laid out by the client are satisfied appropriately. In addition, they must make sure that the project is gone about in full accordance with all applicable laws and building regulations.

Construction Management Courses at Oxford Home Study Centre

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Why Take Our Online Construction Courses?

The importance of construction management is perhaps best illustrated in the strength of the industry. Hundreds of thousands of new construction jobs at a variety of levels are expected to be created in Great Britain before the end of the current decade. On a global basis, construction projects are becoming more ambitious, elaborate and challenging by the day. The call for competent construction managers has never been higher.

From initial estimations to site selection to material sourcing and more, the construction manager’s impact on the physical build itself is total. In addition, the construction manager is also responsible for securing, deploying and supervising human resources, along with selecting appropriate vendors and third-party service providers. The construction manager may not physically contribute to the build, but the project would not be able to get off the ground without them.

Regardless of the size or nature of the project, the quality of the management provided will be reflected in the final result. From cost control to meeting deadlines to impeccable health and safety performance, the construction manager plays a role in absolutely every outcome. Without quality management, construction projects would never progress beyond the initial conception stages.

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The Benefits of Construction Management

Elite construction management can make the difference between an important building project succeeding, or never being put into action in the first place. It is an extremely demanding and high-pressure profession, but also one with limitless scope for advancement.

The primary benefits of quality construction management include:

1 – Minimised Costs

Professional negotiation skills and knowledge of all available vendors/service providers can help the experienced construction manager keep costs to absolute minimums. Their expertise is invested in achieving the required result for the lowest possible price.

2 – Maximised Efficiency

Professional construction managers also know exactly how to plan and implement each stage of the project in a manner that maximises efficiency and performance. They are able to come up with realistic targets and projections, the likes of which are both reachable and measurable.

3 – A Crucial Point of Contact

The construction manager more often than not serves as the primary point of contact for the project owner and all other stakeholders. They answer questions, share critical information and relay requests/updates to the rest of the workforce.

4 – Health and Safety Management

Workforce health and safety is also a critical priority for the construction manager. They create and oversee site-wide health and safety strategies and policies, in order to create a safe working environment for employees, contractors and visitors alike.

5 – Quality Control

An assigned construction manager with the most discerning quality standards can ensure that every element of the project is completed to the same meticulously high standard, with total consistency across the board.

Scope of Studying Contraction Management

The role of the construction manager is one of practical and administrative duties in equal measures. Experience is priceless in value, but there is nonetheless an extensive amount of theory that must be mastered before stepping into the field as a fledgling professional. 

Every phase of the contemporary building project must be studied and analysed in-depth, along with the principles of estimating, site organisation, equipment management and key human resource management considerations. The better you understand every element of the profession, the higher your chances of securing the job of your dreams.

  • Salary – The average salary for a construction manager in the UK is around £40,000 per year. However, it is not unusual to start closer to the £25,000 mark as a newcomer, nor is it impossible to earn more than £100,000 as a senior construction manager with extensive experience.
  • Working Life – Construction managers work in accordance with the project’s schedule, meaning that 9am to 5pm office hours are extremely rare. From early mornings to late nights to weekends to bank holidays, it is a position where the priority is getting the job done, anti-social hours or otherwise. It may also be necessary to spend extended periods away from home to work on remote building projects.
  • Potential Employers – Some of the biggest employers of construction managers include national and international building companies, local and national council/government offices, housing development companies, architectural firms and larger commercial/industrial companies.
  • Self-Employment– Setting up a construction management consultancy from scratch is an attractive prospect, though one that generally requires a great deal of experience in order to be successful.

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