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Competition Rules


Prize Draw Rules


Oxford Home Study Centre is conducting this promotion with the purpose of enhancing the number and quality of user reviews on , as well as to promote the use of the website.

Scope of the promotion

The scope of the promotion covers users who have given feedback on the website relative to a training course they have completed at Oxford Home Study Centre.

Duration of the promotion           

Participation in the prize draw starts on 01 Dec, 2018 and ends on 28 Feb' 2019.
The deadline for claiming prizes shall be thirty calendar days from the date Oxford Home Study Centre notifies the winner. This means that the winner will have 30 days to select a course/ courses, according to the terms and conditions of the competition.

The prize draw will take place within fifteen working days after the promotion has closed. The winner of the prize draw and alternative winners will be selected using a random computer system to pick out numbers.

Distribution and free nature of the draw

The prize draw will be made available to all users who have given feedback on a OHSC course they have completed and which has been published on the / website.


Oxford Home Study Centre reserves the right to publish user reviews according to their terms and conditions of use.
Notwithstanding the characteristics and obligations established in these rules, the promotion will be free of charge and without any financial cost for the participant.

Requirements and mechanics of the draw

Participants must be of legal age. Any user that has had feedback published on on a date following the beginning of the draw may participate in the draw. It is not possible to participate on behalf of another person.

Participants must provide their email address and contact telephone number so we can verify that they have completed the course given in their feedback, otherwise they will not qualify for the prize.
From the database of all prize-draw participants and through a system of random selection of entries, a user meeting the requirements mentioned above will be identified and will win the prize.
The winner will be notified (that they have won) through a telephone call or email. Once they have been contacted, the winner must respond in writing, including via email, within a maximum of three working days, confirming their acceptance or rejection, where appropriate, of the prize.
In the event that the winner of the prize draw cannot be reached or rejects the prize, the process for selecting a winner will be repeated up to five times.
In the event that there is no winner following this process, the prize will be declared void.


The prize shall be £300 GBP towards courses published by Oxford Home Study Centre available on . Once the user has chosen the course that they want to undertake, Oxford Home Study Centre will process the voucher in agreement, if the price of the courses is greater than £300, the candidate will be required to pay any balance due for the course. If the price of the course is less than £300, Oxford Home Study Centre will only consider the amount due for the course.
The prize will be subject to taxes and deductions at the rate applicable at the time.
The prize winner shall bear the cost of any taxes in accordance with the legislation in force at the time.


Acceptance of these rules - the organiser's criteria shall always prevail given any possible doubts regarding their interpretation.
The rules of this competition and the observance thereof are governed by English law.

Participation in this promotion implies the granting of express authorization to Oxford Home Study Centre, to publish the image/video, name, surname and home town of the participants for advertising purposes, free of charge, on our own website or on other social media pages in any digital or written media.

Oxford Home Study Centre, cannot be held liable for damages or claims arising in connection with the prize offered by the promotion.

The prizes offered by the draw may, under no circumstances, be exchanged, altered or compensated at the request of the winner, unless expressly stated in these rules.
Oxford Home Study Centre, shall remain exempt from any obligation or compensation to the participants if, due to force majeure or legal requirements, this promotion is cancelled or suspended, a situation that would be made known to the participants in an appropriate manner.

Oxford Home Study Centre, in its capacity as organiser of this promotion, reserves the right to modify, at any time, the terms of this prize draw, including its possible cancellation before the campaign closing date provided there is just cause, promising to communicate the new rules, conditions or cancellation with sufficient notice.