Anger Management (Level 2)
Course Level Level 2
Awarding Body ABC AWARDS
Study Method Distance Learning
Course Duration 125 Recommended Study Hours
Entry Requirements No Entry Requirements
Start Date Ongoing
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Discounted Fee: £ 280
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Anger Management Course Online.

Though generally considered a counterproductive emotion, anger can in fact be channelled in a variety of positive ways. The very first step in the process of better-controlling anger is to accept that it can neither be avoided no ignored. Contrary to popular belief, every human being has the ability to control and manage personal anger, transforming apparent negatives into positives. By taking control of anger, we cease to allow ourselves to be controlled by anger. From domestic disputes to social quarrels and workplace grievances alike, to master personal anger-management is to approach life in general from an entirely new perspective.

This insightful anger management course online, offers practically-applicable teachings of use in all areas of life. Suitable for those with existing anger issues and others wishing to better-control personal anger, four intensive course modules explore the subject in-depth. Candidates on this online anger management course, discover what exactly anger is, along with a series of common anger triggers and why some naturally handle anger better than others. With a breakdown of human thinking and responses when faced with anger, candidates learn how to proactively approach both their own anger and third-party anger. 

This anger management training online,  is delivered over four in-depth modules:

Modules 1 – What is Anger?

In the opening course module, candidates are provided with an overview of what specifically constitutes anger, along with how anger can affect human beings both psychologically and physically. Candidates discuss common behavioural responses to anger, the ‘five dimensions’ of anger, the concept of anger pay-offs and the value of self-awareness.

Modules 2 – The Anger Process

An investigation of common anger-triggers and their core mechanics follows in Module 2, which dissects and discusses the human anger process. Candidates study how keeping an anger log can be invaluable in pinpointing triggers, while exploring the concept of controlling/managing triggers to more effectively manage anger.

Modules 3 – How Does Anger Affect Our Thinking?

Course Module 3 explores the effects anger can have on human reasoning, rationale and thinking in general. Candidates discuss whether anger can ever be a proactive/effective response in its own right, alongside an overview of distorted thinking and an introduction to various types of human behaviour.

Modules 4 – Managing Anger

Closing the course, Module 4 guides candidates through a variety of effective strategies and techniques for better-managing ager in all areas of life. Along with a detailed dissection of the ‘assertiveness formula’, course content covers the importance of strong listening skills, how to ask the right questions and several highly-effective relaxation techniques. 

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Each Instalment: £27

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Course Accreditation

At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievementby ABC Awards and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the details of all the units you have completed as part of your course).

The course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards’ Quality Licence Scheme.  This means that OHSC has undergone an external quality check to ensure that the organisation and the courses it offers, meet certain quality criteria.  The completion of this course alone does not lead to an Ofqual regulated qualification but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills towards regulated qualifications in the future.  The unit summary can be used as evidence towards Recognition of Prior Learning if you wish to progress your studies in this sector.  To this end the learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 2  against level descriptors published by Ofqual, to indicate the depth of study and level of difficulty involved in successful completion by the learner. 

The course itself has been designed by OHSC to meet specific learners’ or employers’ requirements.   ABC Awards’ endorsement involves a robust and rigorous quality audit by external inspectors to ensure quality is consistently met.  A regular review of courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process.

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