Marketing Online Courses.

Explore one of the world’s most diverse, dynamic and potentially lucrative industries with OHSC. Each of our marketing online courses is fully-accredited and industry-recognised – ideal for opening up new career options. Study in your own time and at a pace to suit you from anywhere in the world, with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about.

Our online marketing courses offer the perfect introduction to a multi-faceted industry of limitless importance. The skills and talents of elite marketing experts are always in short supply – career opportunities are quite the opposite!

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Diploma in Marketing (Level 4)

Diploma of Marketing Online. One of the few priorities shared by every business and organisation in operation today, marketing...
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Certificate in Marketing (Level 3)

Marketing Certificate Online. Successful marketing has the potential to propel any business of any size to spectacular...
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Telemarketing (Level 3)

Online Telemarketing Course. One of the most important and powerful elements of the modern marketing mix, telemarketing...
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Creating Google Adword (Campaign Level 3)

Google Adwords Course Online. As the world enters an era of comprehensive global connectivity, internet marketing has never...
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Internet Marketing (Level 3)

Internet Marketing Course. In an era of comprehensive global connectivity, competition in largely every business sector...
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Social Media Marketing (Level 3)

Social Media Online Course. No longer an optional element of the modern marketing mix, social media has become a comprehensive...
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Marketing and Sales (Level 2)

Sales Course Online. It’s often said that the power of marketing vastly exceeds that of both outstanding products...
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Internet Marketing Course ( Level 1)

Short Marketing Course With almost every contemporary business having taken full advantage of comprehensive global connec...
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