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Diploma in Warehouse Management QLS Level 4
Course at QLS Level 4
Endorsement Endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Study Method Online Learning
Course Duration 400 Hours
Entry Requirements No Entry Requirements
Start Date Ongoing
Pay in Full
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Discounted Fee: £ 540.00 £ 108
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Warehouse Supervisor Course 

Sign up for thisLevel 4 Warehouse Supervisor Course and shift your career into high-gear! Whether new to warehouse management or already working in the field, this endorsed diploma has your future success written all over it!  Enrol online with Oxford Home Study Centre, for the opportunity to improve your outlook with a fully-endorsed diploma!  Our endorsed Warehouse Supervisor Courses examine the functions and objectives of warehousing operations, along with the primary responsibilities of key management personnel.  Learn how talented warehouse managers contribute to business performance and prosperity, under the watch of your own personally-assigned tutor!  All course materials and study aids are included in the initial course fee for unbeatable value for money!  Sign up online in just a few clicks, or contact our admissions team for more information on this exclusive Level 4 Warehouse Management Training Program!

Why Study Warehouse Management?

All over the world, demand for qualified and capable warehouse managers is accelerating at record-pace.  Time and technology having brought about unique and growing supply chain challenges for small and large businesses alike.  Today, even the smallest businesses rely on complex supply chains and cutting-edge inventory management systems to get the job done.  The results of which is a significant and constant deficit in the availability of talented warehouse management personnel.  The efforts and input of the warehouse manager have a direct impact on the performance and profitability of the entire organisation.  Tasked with overseeing dozens of interconnected responsibilities, warehouse managers are expected to supervise and optimise all primary warehouse operations.  For those who make it, careers in warehousing and logistics can be fulfilling and financially rewarding in equally high measures.

One of our most advanced warehousing and logistics courses, this Level 4 Warehouse Management Diploma is distributed over a series of seven digestible units.  Each unit concludes with an online assessment for submission to your assigned tutor, which will be used to gauge your acquired knowledge and understanding of the materials presented:

Unit 1 - Introduction to Warehouses

The course begins with a broad exploration of key warehousing operations, along with their functions, objectives and limitations respectively.  Candidates consider the extent to which warehouse management contributes to successful business performance, along with the potential benefits of public warehouses and a brief overview of automated warehousing.

Unit 2 - Types of Warehouses

The five primary classifications of warehouses are presented and discussed in unit two, which also outlines criteria for consideration when choosing an appropriate warehouse type.  Candidates are also introduced to the concept of the qualitative factor rating, along with the potential costs and challenges associated with private warehousing.

Unit 3 - Functions of Warehouses

A more detailed exploration of the functions of warehouses follows in unit three, while discussing the growing popularity of cross-docking and its primary advantages.  Learners examine the purpose of semi-permanent storage, the meaning of ‘information transfer’ in warehousing and the objectives of warehouse activity profiling.

Unit 4 - Warehouse Operations & Systems

Several key warehouse operations and systems are introduced in unit four, including the functions and mechanics of centralised and decentralised warehousing operations.  An introduction to conveyor systems is also included, along with the various factors that must be considered when deciding on a storage system for a warehouse.

Unit 5 - Warehouse Inventory Management

The fundamentals of effective inventory management are presented in unit five, which also discusses the wide-reaching consequences of ineffective inventory management.  Candidates consider the costs of carrying stock, the importance of safety stock and the risks associated with failing to carry surplus stock as required.

Unit 6 - Warehouse Inventory Tracking

Common approaches to warehouse inventory tracking are presented and discussed in unit six, which provides a detailed overview of the benefits of barcoding and the components of a viable barcoding system.  Candidates also considers the potential advantages and disadvantages of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as an alternative to barcoding.

Unit 7 - Warehouse Material handling

The course concludes with an examination of effective warehouse materials handling processes, detailing the primary functions of Materials Handling Systems (MHS).  Candidates learn how to consider the appropriateness of powered and non-powered hand trucks for typical warehousing duties, along with the potential advantages and disadvantages of semi-automated handling systems.

For more information about our Warehouse Management certificate/diploma courses and Free Courses, get in touch with the OHSC admissions team today.

Paying in Instalments: £540(interest FREE Instalments)

Deposit: £108

No of Instalments: 12

Each Instalment: £36

Pay in Full: (£100 Discount) £440

At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

This course and/or training programme has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course and/or training programme is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

Warehouse management is a broad and diverse global sector, with limited scope for advancement.  To build a detailed knowledge and understanding of key warehousing processes is to become an invaluable asset in the eyes of employers worldwide.  Whether new to warehouse management or already working in the field, this Level 4 Warehouse Management Diploma could kickstart your success story.  Specialise in one specific aspect of warehousing and inventory management, or become an all-round leadership figure at the very top of the ladder. Potential salaries for experienced warehouse managers are limitless - typically starting at around £20,000 at entry-level.

Who Should Take This Course?

Here at Oxford Home Study Centre, our commitment to flexible and affordable online education is total. This Level 4 Warehouse Management Diploma is open to all candidates from all backgrounds, though may prove of particular interest to the following applicants:

  • Newcomers looking to build a rewarding career for life
  • Existing warehouse personnel pursuing promotion prospects
  • Business owners and managers with no formal qualifications
  • Entrepreneurs considering new business establishment
  • Jobseekers looking to boost their long-term outlook
  • Anyone with interest in a warehousing or logistics career

Sign up with Oxford Home Study Centre and your personally-assigned tutor will provide all the support you need to successfully complete your studies!  Enrol online, or contact a member of our student support team for more information!

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