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Travel and Tourism at QLS Level 6
Course at QLS Level 6
Endorsement Endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Study Method Online
Course Duration 500 Hours
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Tourism Management Diploma

Pack your bags and set sail for the job of your dreams, with this Level 6 Tourism Management Diploma!  Enrol online with Oxford Home Study Centre, for the chance to enrich your outlook with an endorsed Diploma of Travel and Tourism.  Enjoy the freedom to study in your own time, as you build the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to pursue a high-profile career in the travel sector.  Topics and knowledge areas covered over the course of 15 modules include marketing and advertising in tourism, management of tourism products and services, an introduction to human resource management, crisis management in the tourism sector, the concept of sustainable tourism, how to create attractive tourism products and many more besides.  Browse our complete range of tourism diploma courses online, or contact the OHSC admissions team anytime to learn more.

Why Study Travel and Tourism?

To succeed in the travel and tourism sector, you need to be confident, outgoing and highly sociable.  You also need to be able to work nonstandard hours, deal calmly with all types of crisis situations and be a born problem solver.  In return, a career in travel and tourism can be rewarding in ways that go beyond most other professions.  If getting paid to explore the world and meet new people sounds appealing, a travel and tourism career could be your dream ticket!  Creating millions of jobs in a diverse range of specialist fields, the travel sector welcomes energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious candidates from all backgrounds.  Whether new to the sector or pursuing promotion with your current employer, this endorsed Level 6 Travel and Tourism Diploma could make all the difference!

Oxford Home Study Centre offers a range of high-quality career development courses for distance learning. Our Level 6 Travel and Tourism Course consists of the following modules, each concluding with an online assessment:

Module 1 - Introduction to Travel & Tourism

Learners are introduced to the travel and tourism sector in the first module, covering several major tourism categories and examining the reasons why people travel.  Self-packaged holidays as a major new trend are discussed, along with the potential pros and cons of pre-packaged holidays.

Module 2 - Tourism Products & Services

The main components of saleable tourism products and travel services are then discussed, incorporating a detailed breakdown of the marketing mix and its relevance in travel and tourism.  The importance of creating tourism products and services on the basis of extensive market research is also discussed.

Module 3 – The Travel & Tourism System

Module Three provides fascinating insights into the various service providers, vendors and operators that collaborate to create a functional travel and tourism system.  The functions and objectives of various contributors are discussed, including accommodation providers, travel agents, transportation companies and retailers.

Module 4 – Managing Tour Operations

Candidates then consider the advantages of making reservations through travel agents – particularly when planning international travel.  Learners also study the main functions, objectives and services of travel agents, including organising transportation and accommodation for domestic and foreign trips.

Module 5 - Marketing in Travel and Tourism

Marketing and advertising in travel and tourism follows, in which the characteristics and components of an effective marketing strategy are studied.  Candidates are familiarised with a variety of promotional activities and marketing tactics, including how to track and measure the performance of a marketing strategy.

Module 6 - Communication Skills

The importance of quality communication in the tourism sector is assessed in Module Six.  Candidates consider the benefits of improving their own communication skills, while learning how to accurately use and interpret body language, make a positive impression when meeting people for the first time and more.

Module 7 - Techniques for Maximum Sales

Tips for becoming a better seller are presented and discussed in the seventh module, which introduces candidates to the concept of ‘smart’ selling.  Techniques and strategies for closing more sales and boosting the value of every sale are discussed, along with confidence and communication skills as the cornerstones of successful selling.

Module 8 - Quality Management and Customer Care

Module Eight examines how customer care quality is the primary make-or-break performance factor in the travel and tourism sector.  The importance of prioritising customer satisfaction and loyalty is discussed, alongside tips for improved quality management and how to accurately measure service quality.

Module 9 - Human Resource Management

HRM functions within the travel and tourism sector are examined in Module Nine, highlighting the importance of building and retaining high-performing teams.  An introduction to recruitment and selection is also provided, along with compensation, benefits and other incentives as essential motivators.

Module 10 - Time Management

The art of effective time management is then discussed in-depth, outlining the importance of strategic workload management and task prioritisation.  The potential benefits of working to a predetermined schedule are also discussed, with tips and guidelines for avoiding procrastination and improving personal productivity.

Module 11 - Stress Management

Module 11 discusses the sensible way approach and manage stress, touching upon the potential consequences of excessive stress to a person’s physical and psychological health.  Several highly effective relaxation techniques for improved stress management are presented and described in detail.

Module 12 - Transport Management

Transportation and logistics follow in Module 12, in which candidates study the positives and negatives of the main modes of transportation.  Potential challenges in the provision of transportation within the sector are also discussed, alongside tips for choosing the most efficient mode of transportation from the options available.

Module 13 - Crisis Management

Module 13 presents a series of common and rare crises that must be appropriately planned for as a travel and tourism business.  Candidates learn how to develop an emergency management plan, provide confident leadership in a crisis situation and begin the process of restoring consumer confidence in the wake of a disaster.

Module 14 - Managing Public Awareness Programmes

The functions and objectives of public awareness programmes in travel and tourism are then discussed, including the personnel responsible for organising and overseeing them.  Candidates also consider how building good press relations and local community involvement contribute to successful public awareness programmes.

Module 15 - Sustainable Tourism & Development

The final module examines the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious travel services, while discussing the potential consequences of overlooking the importance of sustainability. The critical role sustainability is expected to play in the future of the travel and tourism sector is also discussed.

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Paying in Installments: £900 (interest FREE Installments)

Deposit: £180

No of Installments: 12

Each Installment: £60

Pay in Full: (£200 Discount) £700

At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

This course and/or training programme has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course and/or training programme is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

A career in travel and tourism could literally take you places you never dreamed possible.  Successful travel and tourism careers are built as much on soft skills and personality as formal qualifications and professional background.  If you are a creative thinker, a natural problem solver and an outgoing individual with a passion for people, you could be the perfect candidate for a career in tourism.  Climb the ranks with an established tour operator, or explore a world of self-employment opportunities within the sector. All with high earnings potential and endless list of additional perks and privileges.

Who is This Course For?

Oxford Home Study Centre provides flexible and enjoyable career development opportunities for ambitious learners worldwide. This Level 6 Travel and Tourism course was created with the following applicants in mind:

  • Newcomers interested in starting inspiring tourism careers
  • Existing travel and tourism workers pursuing promotion
  • Anyone who runs a travel and tourism business
  • Entrepreneurs considering new business establishment
  • Travel sector workers looking to boost their skills and knowledge
  • Candidates who love to travel and have a passion for people

Sign up online and get started today, or contact the OHSC admissions team anytime for more information.

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