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Executive PA Diploma Level 6
Course at QLS Level 6
Endorsement CPD Standard Office
Study Method Online
Course Duration 500 Hours
Entry Requirements There are no particular entry requirements
Start Date Ongoing
Pay in Full
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Discounted Fee: £ 900.00 £ 180
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£ 54 Deposit & 12 payments of £ 18.00 / Month
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PA Course - Advanced

Take the first step towards fulfilling your ambition to become an executive PA, with this exclusive PA Course - Advanced Enrol today with Oxford Home Study Centre, for the chance to boost your CV and your career prospects.  This is a self-paced Personal Assistant Course (Level 6) for distance learning, conducted online with no classroom time and no final exam.  Study at a time and pace to suit your lifestyle, with no deadlines or fixed schedules. Our popular Level 6 Executive PA Diploma covers telephone skills, making travel arrangements, organising meetings, how to write business letters, administrative skills, office management and more. Ideal for new and established PAs from all backgrounds, this exclusive Level 6 programme is now open for enrolment.

Why Study Executive PA Skills?

Getting paid to travel, the freedom to plan your own workload, a new adventure each day - just a few of the reasons why executive PAs look forward to Monday mornings. Not that the usual 9-5 routine applies, when providing essential business and lifestyle support for a VIP.  Careers in PA services are as much about character and personality as specialist skills and knowledge.  You need to be a confident, outgoing and sociable individual - the kind of person who embraces even the biggest challenges.  You also need to know how to conduct yourself appropriately in any setting, deal with every crisis calmly and make a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Tick each of these boxes and a career as a professional PA could be your dream ticket!

Oxford Home Study Centre is proud to offer a dynamic collection of distance learning programmes for new and experienced PAs. This endorsed Level 6 Diploma covers the following topics over a series of 16 self-paced modules:

Module 1 - The Job Functions of a PA / Secretary

The course begins with a detailed job profile for the professional PA, outlining the primary functions and responsibilities of personal assistants and secretaries.  Learners are also familiarised with the types of people who hire PAs and the general lifestyle of a successful PA.

Module 2 - Telephone Skills

Handling inbound and outbound telephone calls follows in the second module, providing a detailed guide to the art of good telephone manner and how to screen calls appropriately. Tips for taking notes and relaying messages when handling inbound calls are also provided.

Module 3 - Mail Services and Shipping

Candidates then study the various mail and shipping services available to the professional PA, while considering the main differences between Royal Mail and private courier services. Guidelines for choosing the most appropriate shipping method for a consignment are also presented.

Module 4 - Travel Arrangements

The pros and cons of working with travel agents follow in Module Four, along with how to select the best travel agent from the options available. Key information that must be gathered when making travel plans on behalf of other people is discussed.

Module 5 - Organising Meetings

Module Five provides a step-by-step guide to planning and preparing for meetings, with a look at several different types of business meetings and their objectives.  Additional topics covered include booking and setting up a meeting space, creating the agenda and tips for scheduling meetings.

Module 6 - Time Management

The benefits of taking a proactive approach to time management are discussed in the sixth module, which covers goal-setting using the SMART model, the use of scheduling tools to boost productivity and how to create a workable ‘to-do’ list when balancing a busy workload.

Module 7 - Keeping Accurate Records

The record-keeping responsibilities of the professional PA are outlined in Module Seven, which examines a series of typical records, archives and general office documents.  Candidates learn how to analyse, classify and store record using a system that enables quick and easy retrieval.

Module 8 - Writing Business Letters

Module Eight explores the art of letter writing, highlighting some of the most common mistakes and issues made when penning business communications.  Additional topics covered include sentence and paragraph construction, the best way to start a business letter and more.

Module 9 - Other Written Communication

Module Nine continues with the same theme, presenting several additional written communications and examining their composition.  The use of memorandums is also discussed, along with different types of external business communications and the key to writing a professional e-mail.

Module 10 - Presentation Skills

Candidates are then guided through the process of putting on a high-high-impact presentation, including how to get a presentation off to the strongest possible start and the best way to make use of visual aids. Tips for presenting a pitch with confidence are also provided.

Module 11 - Communication Skills

The communication skills every successful PA must master are then discussed, with strong focus on the appropriate use and accurate interpretation of body language.  Nonverbal cues and demonstration cues are discussed, along with the right way to use questions to extract information.

Module 12 - Active Listening

Module 12 examines the main differences between passive hearing and active listening, highlighting the importance of becoming a better listener as an executive PA.  Activities and exercises for developing better listening skills are presented and discussed.

Module 13 - Administrative Skills

The fundamentals of effective office admin are explored in Module 13, which provides a full overview of the everyday administrative duties of the executive PA or secretary.  Practical pointers for tackling admin duties more efficiently are also provided.

Module 14 - Office Management & Supervision

Module 14 moves on to the supervisory duties of the professional PA, outlining the qualities and characteristics of inspiring leadership figures. Tips for earning the trust, respect and loyalty of a team of workers are also presented and discussed.

Module 15 - Dealing with Difficult People & Conflict Resolution

Learners then study the inevitability of encountering difficult people when working as an executive PA, along with the diplomatic way to defuse tense situations and handle every crisis in a cool, calm and rational way.

Module 16 - Effective Planning and Scheduling

Concluding the course, Module 16 takes a look at the importance of effective planning and scheduling as a professional PA, along with the various tools and resources used by personal assistants to plan, schedule and create viable daily routines.

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Paying in Installments: £900 (interest FREE Installments)

Deposit: £180

No of Installments: 12

Each Installment: £60

Pay in Full: (£200 Discount) £700

CPD Standard Office

A career as an executive PA can pave the way for a dynamic and enjoyable lifestyle. The opportunity to free yourself from the monotony of the 9-5 grind, with a career where no two days are ever the same. Whether the dream is to climb the ranks to an executive position with your current employer or set up solo as a freelance PA, this fully-endorsed course could make all the difference. If you consider yourself to be a confident, outgoing, reliable and hardworking go-getter, you’re already halfway there!

Who Should Take This Course?

Oxford Home Study Centre specialises in flexible, affordable and enjoyable online education for ambitious learners. This self-paced Level 6 PA Skills Diploma could be the ideal course for:

  • Office workers pursuing leadership-level promotion opportunities
  • Ambitious candidates working in an office admin capacity
  • Confident and outgoing individuals with excellent social skills
  • Anyone looking to set up solo as a self-employed executive PA
  • Managers, team leaders and supervisors in office environments
  • Jobseekers looking to catch the eye of prospective employers

Sign up online and get started today, or contact the team at Oxford Home Study Centre anytime to learn more.

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