First Aid (Short Course)
Course at QLS Short Course
Endorsement OHSC
Study Method Online
Course Duration 20 Hours
Entry Requirements There are no particular entry requirements
Start Date N/A

First Aid Free Course

Take the first step towards becoming a confident and competent first aider, with this exclusive first aid free courseOxford Home Study Centre is proud to offer this online first aid course free of charge, inclusive of all study aids and learning resources.  Enjoy the freedom to study first aid for free in your own time and at your own pace, with no deadlines or time restrictions.  Learn what it means to contribute to a safe and healthy work environment, explore the responsibilities of an appointed first aider and build the confidence to respond to a wide variety of workplace emergencies.  Whether new to first aid or looking to refresh your existing knowledge and skills, this exclusive first aid free coursecomes highly recommended.  Enrol online with Oxford Home Study Centre, or contact a member of our admissions team today to learn more.

Why Study First Aid?

In the event of an accident or emergency, it is often what takes place within those crucial first minutes that makes all the difference.  This is where the knowledge, skills and confidence of an appointed first aider can literally make the difference between life and death.  By their very nature, accidents and emergencies in the workplace are often impossible to predict or prevent.  At any time and for any number of reasons, an unexpected occurrence could result in a wide variety of severe or life threatening injuries.  From cuts to bone fractures to electric shocks to breathing problems, the first aider must know how to respond to every possible eventuality. Until the emergency services arrive, it is the responsibility of the first aider to do everything possible to help and support the casualty.

This First Aid Free Course covers the following key topics:

  • What is a safe and healthy work environment?
  • What is first aid at work?
  • What is the definition of appointive authority?
  • What is a first-aider?
  • The Right Equipment
  • The Right Container
  • What kind of first-aid supplies should be available?
  • What should a workplace first-aid kit contain?
  • First aid needs assessment
  • Fire Safety at Work
  • Preventing Injuries in the Workplace

On course completion you will be awarded with our FREE OHSC course completion letter issued by the College. This letter will be sent to you in your email.

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