Fire Safety (Short Course)
Course at QLS Short Course
Endorsement OHSC
Study Method Online
Course Duration 20 Hours
Entry Requirements There are no particular entry requirements
Start Date Ongoing

Fire Safety Training Online Free

Looking for a free online fire safety course you can take in your spare time?  At Oxford Home Study Centre, we offer 100% free online fire safety training with certificates available upon completion*.  Build the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to make important split-second decisions in emergency situations.  We offer fire safety training online for free as part of our extensive portfolio of free online courses.  Sign up for this fire safety course online for free and enjoy the freedom to complete your studies at a time and pace to suit your lifestyle. All study aids and learning resources are included, so no additional purchases are necessary for this introductory fire safety course.  Take the first step towards full fire safety certification for free, with this essential online course from Oxford Home Study Centre.

*Certificates available upon request for a small fee upon course completion.

Why Study Fire Safety?

The safety of employees and visitors should be a top priority for all employers.  However, workplace fire safety can only be achieved when each and every member of the workforce plays a part.  Employees at all levels need to understand their roles, responsibilities and obligations from a health and safety perspective. This entry-level fire safety course provides a detailed overview of the essentials of everyday fire safety.  Key topics covered include fire risk factors, the use of portable firefighting equipment, raising the alarm upon discovering a fire and the basics of fire chemistry. From business owners to senior managers to members of the workforce at all levels, a good grasp of key fire safety principles is essential.  This course therefore comes highly recommended to anyone looking to play a more decisive role in keeping their workplace safe for employees and visitors alike.

This Fire Safety course covers the following key topics:

  • What is Fire?
  • Fire Triangle
  • Fundamentals of Fire Chemistry
  • What is Fire Safety?
  • Typical Fire Risks
  • Prevention of Fire
  • Measures to Prevent Fires
  • Fixed Fire Fighting Systems
  • Automatic Water Sprinkler Systems
  • Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Siting of Portable Extinguishing Equipment
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

On course completion you will be awarded with our FREE OHSC course completion letter issued by the College. This letter will be sent to you in your email. 

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