Diet and Nutrition (Short Course)
Course at QLS Short Course
Endorsement OHSC
Study Method Online Learning
Course Duration 20 Hours
Entry Requirements There is no entry requirements
Start Date Ongoing

Free Online Nutrition Courses

Thought it was impossible to achieve nutritionist certification online for free? Think again - our free online nutritionist courses are now open for enrolment!  Oxford Home Study Centre is proud to offer the web’s most dynamic free nutrition courses for beginners.  With no strings attached and not a penny to pay at any time, our exclusive free online dietician courses set new standards in affordable education.  Best of all, our free online nutritionist courses are open for enrolment throughout the year, so there’s no better time to get started than right now!

A free online nutrition course with certificate of completion could be just the thing to kickstart your success story. This compact yet insightful course provides a broad overview of the concept of nutrition, along with how human health is affected by our dietary choices.  Learn about the body mass index, the body’s daily energy requirements and so much more besides. Our free online nutrition courses with certificates feature the same high-quality study materials as our paid courses - all included as standard, with not a penny to pay!

Whether you’re considering a career change or simply satisfying your curiosity, our exclusive catalogue of free courses could be right up your street.  Enrol online in just a few clicks, or contact a member of the team at Oxford Home Study Centre for more information.

Course Content

This Free Nutrition course covers the following topics:

Key Topics:

  1. What is Nutrition?
  2. What Are Nutrients? 
  3. Units of Energy 
  4. Why We Need Energy? 
  5. Basal Metabolism 
  6. Thermal Effect of Food (TEF) 
  7. Maintaining Energy Balance 
  8. Daily Energy Requirements 
  9. Calorie Requirements for Different Age Groups
  10. Healthy Eating For Kids 
  11. Healthy eating for kids means: 
  12. Adult Figures for Healthy Eating 
  13. Basal Metabolic Rate 
  14. What is BMI?
  15. The Whole Food Nutrition 
  16. Specifics of a whole Food Diet: Whole Foods and Whole Food Helpers 
  17. Meat and Seafood
  18. Dairy 
  19. Eggs 
  20. Beans and Legumes
  21. Grains 
  22. Vegetables
  23. Whole Food Helpers
  24. Fats and Oils
  25. Fruits 
  26. Vegetables and Fruit Juices 
  27. Tofu 
  28. Chocolate  

On course completion you will be awarded with our FREE OHSC course completion letter issued by the College. This letter will be sent to you in your email.

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