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Level 7 Diploma in Interior Design
Course Level 7
Endorsement Education for Business Managers and Administrators (EBMA)
Study Method Online
Course Duration 620 Hours
Entry Requirements There are no particular entry requirements
Start Date Ongoing
Pay in Full
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Discounted Fee: £ 850
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Pay in Instalments
£ 450 Deposit & 12 payments of £ 41.67 / Month
Total Fee: £ 950
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Course about Interior Designing 

Transform your passion for creating beautiful spaces into a rewarding career, with our Level 7 Interior Design Course. This advanced course about interior designing is your chance to become a professional in the field, offering 130 credits and the convenience of learning at your own pace. Whether you’re aspiring to work in residential design, commercial projects, or even staging homes, this interior course online could set you on the path to success.

11 mandatory modules cover a wide range of topics - Interior Design: An Overview, the Key Principles of Interior Design, Room by Room Design and more. You’ll enhance your skills in Understanding Creativity and Innovation, both in business and as part of a team, and learn the importance of establishing Good Client-Designer Relationships. Choose between creating a Financial Plan & Product Development or Building a Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy as your optional module. This fully accredited course doesn’t just teach you about design; it prepares you for the real world of working with clients and spaces. Sign up online and get started today.

How Will You Study?

The Interior Design Level 7 diploma offers a flexible online learning platform accessible 24/7, allowing you to study at your own pace using a desktop computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

Assessment Methods:

Experience practical application of knowledge with our MCQ-based assignments, designed to immerse you in real-life contexts. Elevate your learning with our hands-on approach for an effective educational experience.

Results and Certificate:

Upon successful completion of all modules, you will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Interior Design Level 7 by EBMA, recognizing your advanced skills and expertise in the field.

Who Is This Course For?

This course about interior designing is suitable for individuals who:

  • Aspire to achieve an advanced level of expertise in interior design.
  • Seek to enhance their skills in creativity, innovation, and client communication.
  • Desire a flexible learning option for personal and professional development.

Mandatory Modules:

Module 1: Interior Design: An Overview:

Begin your journey with an in-depth exploration of the field, understanding its historical context, and gaining insights into the evolution of interior design.

Module 2: Key Principles of Interior Design:

Uncover the fundamental principles that underpin successful interior design, from balance and harmony to scale and proportion.

Module 3: Elements of a Design:

Explore the elements that contribute to a well-designed space, including color, texture, and lighting, gaining a comprehensive understanding of design aesthetics.

Module 4: The Elements of Room:

Focus on the specific elements that shape individual rooms, understanding how to optimize space for functionality and visual appeal.

Module 5: Room by Room Design:

Take a detailed approach to designing different types of rooms, considering diverse needs and aesthetics for each space.

Module 6: Understanding Creativity and Innovation:

Explore the realms of creativity and innovation, exploring how these elements contribute to ground-breaking interior design solutions.

Module 7: Creativity and Innovation in Business:

Apply creative thinking to the business aspect of interior design, understanding how innovation can drive success in the industry.

Module 8: Individual and Group Techniques for Creativity:

Explore various techniques for fostering creativity, both as an individual designer and within collaborative group settings.

Module 9: Encouraging Creativity in a Team:

Learn how to cultivate a creative environment within a team, fostering a culture of innovation in design projects.

Module 10: Establishing Good Client-Designer Relationships:

Master the art of communication and understanding client needs, building strong and fruitful relationships for successful design collaborations.

Module 11: Essentials of Planning:

Explore into the planning phase of interior design projects, understanding the importance of meticulous planning for project success.

Optional Modules:

Module 12: Financial Plan and Product Development:

Extend your skills to the business side of interior design, learning to create sound financial plans and develop innovative design products.

Module 13: Building a Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy:

Explore the strategies for marketing your interior design services and developing effective sales strategies to propel your career.

The assessment fee for the entire course is £950, or in 12 monthly instalments.

(Discounted Fee £850)

(12 monthly Instalments)

Admission Fee: £450

12 monthly instalments of £41.66/month.

Upon completing this course about interior designing, you'll be well-prepared for roles such as Senior Interior Designer, Design Consultant, or Interior Design Project Manager. Consider further qualifications or career advancements in the dynamic field of interior design.

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