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Advanced Diploma in Facilities Management QLS Level 7
Course at QLS Level 7
Endorsement Endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Study Method Online
Course Duration 620 Hours
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Diploma in Facilities Management

Start your journey towards becoming a successful facility manager, with the help and support of Oxford Home Study Centre.  Now open for enrolment, this exclusive Level 7 Diploma in Facilities Management is our most comprehensive program to date.  Enjoy the freedom to study in your own time and at a pace that suits your lifestyle, as you work towards obtaining facilities management certification online.  This intensive home study program provides a detailed overview of the facilities management profession, along with the primary responsibilities of those who work in the field.  Key topics and knowledge areas covered include operations and maintenance, vendor management, outsourcing, project management, human resource management, organisational skills, contractual law and many more besides. All learning resources are included in the initial fee, with expert tutor support available on demand throughout your studies.  Enrol online, or contact our admissions team anytime to discuss our Level 7 Diploma in Facilities Management in more detail.

Why Study Facilities Management?

The field of facilities management encompasses a wide variety of interconnected competencies and disciplines.  For the facility manager, the challenge lies in ensuring total operational efficiency through the effective allocation and use of available resources.  More specifically, the profession is described as “the coordination of people, place, process, and technology” by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA).  Large and small businesses alike hire facility management personnel to oversee a broad range of important responsibilities.  From management to physical infrastructure to site security to human resource management, the facility manager plays a pivotal role in a company’s productivity and performance.  Whether considering a career change or pursuing promotion with your current employer, this endorsed Level 7 Diploma in Facilities Management could make all the difference.

Oxford Home Study Centre takes pride in supporting the professional development of ambitious learners from all backgrounds.  Our most advanced Diploma in Facilities Management provides a comprehensive overview of the profession, covering a series of essential topics over the course of 16 self-paced modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to Successful Facility Management

The course begins with a broad overview of the facility management profession, examining the different types of organisations that rely on facility managers and general organisational structures.  The skills and character traits of successful facility management personnel are discussed, along with the importance of confident leadership in the field of facilities management.

Module 2 - Operations and Maintenance

An introduction to physical infrastructure operations and maintenance follows in the second module, emphasising the importance of communication at the heart of successful facility management.  Additional topics covered include inventory management, relocation and move management, plant operations, indoor air quality management and more.

Module 3 - Vendor Management & Outsourcing

The fundamentals of effective vendor management are presented and discussed in the third module, which also discusses the pros and cons of outsourcing.  Essential considerations when planning outsourcing activities are examined, along with how to identify the right source of supply and the importance of appropriate vendor vetting.

Module 4 - Contracting and Types of Contracts

Module Four takes a look at the basics of contractual law, presenting several different types of contracts the facility manager must be familiar with. Subtopics covered include essential elements of a contract, purchase orders as contracts, lump sum contracts, unit price contracts and how to select the right type of contract for an agreement or transaction.

Module 5 - Project Management

A detailed overview of several essential project management concepts follows in the fifth module.  Examples of which include the project life cycle, project selection criteria, the purpose of a project charter, project monitoring and quality control, risks planning in project management, the importance of effective communications management and more.

Module 6 - Managing Quality in Projects

Module Six examines the criticality of quality management in more detail, along with a series of tools and resources for tracking and measuring quality.  Topics covered include determining the quality policy, applying benchmarking practices, the use of cost/benefit analysis, the objectives of a quality audit and the application of quality assurance.

Module 7 - Supervising Others

Workforce supervision is touched upon in the seventh module, which provides candidates with invaluable insights into the art of effective leadership.  The benefits of becoming a better listener are presented and discussed, along with the value of confident questioning skills as a team leader and how to use probing techniques to extract information during conversation.

Module 8 - Managing Human Resources

Further human resource management concepts are discussed in Module Eight, which provides a detailed overview of the main functions and objectives of HRM activities. The creation of a code of ethics in HRM is also discussed, along with the primary responsibilities of those who work in HRM from a facilities management perspective.

Module 9 - Effective Team Management

A step-by-step guide to building and maintaining better teams is presented in Module Nine, which also highlights the benefits and potential drawbacks of working as a team.  Additional topics covered include team contracts, establishing team norms and the criticality of building trust and respect between members of a team.

Module 10 - Organisational Skills

Organisational skills from a facilities management perspective are examined in Module 10. Key topics covered include strategies for working with mental models, achieving a shared vision, systems thinking, team learning, how to set a personal vision, the importance of defining values and the journey towards achieving personal mastery in any profession.

Module 11 - Motivating the Workforce

Module 11 outlines a series of tools, techniques and strategies for building and maintaining motivation, in order to drive output and efficiency.  The different types of incentives and rewards are discussed, along with how to choose the most appropriate reward systems and how the appeal of any given incentive may differ significantly from one person to the next.

Module 12 - Communication Techniques in the Workplace

Module 12 takes a more in-depth look at communication techniques and the importance of communication skills in facilities management. Subtopics and concepts discussed include communication styles, dichotomies in theory, creating a positive self-image, the importance of assertiveness, self-attitude as a communication skill and more.

Module 13 - Conflict Management

The inevitability of workplace conflict is discussed in Module 13, which emphasises the potential benefits of healthy disputes and disagreements.  Learners are presented with a breakdown of the conflict resolution process, a step-by-step guide to handling difficult conversations and a series of guidelines for establishing credibility and building trust.

Module 14 - Facility Emergency Preparedness

Common types of emergency situations a facility manager may encounter are presented and discussed in Module 14.  Additional topics covered include emergency planning, categorizing emergencies, how to estimate probability of occurrence, developing an emergency plan, establishing a Facility Emergency Operations Centre (FEOC) and more.

Module 15 - Facility Security Management

Module 15 turns attention to security management, highlighting the importance of establishing defined physical security goals.  Several essential security planning considerations are presented and discussed, along with the functions and objectives of vulnerability assessments, the responsibilities of on-site security personnel and more.

Facilities Management - Module 16 - Sustainability and Use of Resources

Concluding the course, Module 16 explores the concept of sustainability from a business perspective.  Candidates consider the importance of pursuing a sustainable future, how to set realistic sustainability targets, reporting and reviewing processes for more efficient resource utilisation and more.

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Paying in Instalments: £1100 (interest FREE Instalments)

Deposit: £320

No of Instalments: 12

Each Instalment: £65

Pay in Full: (£200 Discount) £900

At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

This course and/or training programme has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course and/or training programme is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

Knowledgeable and experienced facilities management personnel enjoy a privileged place in today’s competitive job market.  Businesses of all sizes spanning all sectors are always on the lookout for talented facility managers to add to their ranks. Facility managers have a broad and diverse range of skills, attributes and competencies of universal value to the forward-thinking business. An ideal career for born multitaskers with a relentless eye for detail, facilities management can also be highly lucrative.  Whether considering a career change or looking to climb the leadership ladder with your current employer, our Level 7 Facilities Management Diploma could be just the thing.

Who Should Take This Course?

Oxford Home Study Centre specialises in flexible distance learning programmes for career-focused candidates. This self-paced Facilities Management Diploma could be the ideal course for the following applicants:

  • Experienced professionals looking to boost their skills and knowledge
  • Newcomers pursuing entry-level positions in facilities management
  • Business owners and anyone considering new business establishment
  • Members of the workforce pursuing promotion to leadership level
  • Anyone who works in project management or human resource management
  • Jobseekers looking to add weight and appeal to their CVs

Once again, all course materials are included in the initial fee for unbeatable value for money.  Sign up online and get started today, or contact our admissions team anytime to learn more.

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