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Level 3 Certificate in Event Management
Course Level 3
Endorsement Education for Business Managers and Administrators (EBMA)
Study Method Online
Course Duration 200 hours
Entry Requirements There are no particular entry requirements
Start Date Ongoing
Pay in Full
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Discounted Fee: £ 500
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Pay in Instalments
£ 200 Deposit & 12 payments of £ 33.33 / Month
Total Fee: £ 600
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Event Coordinator Course

Transform your passion for celebrations and gatherings into a thriving career, with this inspiring Level 3 Certificate in Event Management. Oxford Home Study Centre is proud to offer an event coordinator course that brings the convenience of online learning, without any deadlines imposed. Perfect for busy schedules, this event coordinator course enables you to become a certified event coordinator at your own pace.

Throughout your studies, you'll get to grips with the essentials of planning and executing memorable events, from intimate parties to key corporate functions. Build skills in budgeting, vendor relations, and thematic designs to make every occasion sparkle. This flexible program is your ticket to an exciting and dynamic career path in the world of event management – enrol today and start a successful career as a certified event coordinator.

How Will You Study?

This event management certification offers a flexible and accessible learning platform, allowing you to study at your own pace. Whether you prefer a desktop computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet, our online resources are available 24/7 to accommodate your schedule.

Assessment Methods:

Assessment methods include assignments designed to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios, ensuring a hands-on and effective learning experience.

Results and Certificate:

Upon successfully completing all modules, you will be awarded the Event Organizer Certificate Level 3 by EBMA, recognizing your achievement in mastering essential event planning skills.

Who Is This Course For?

This event organizer certificate program is suitable for individuals who:

  • Aspire to become proficient event organizers.
  • Seek a comprehensive understanding of event planning and management.
  • Desire a flexible online learning option tailored for personal and career growth in the events industry.

Mandatory Modules:

Module 1: An Introduction to Event Planning:

Begin your journey with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of event planning. Explore key concepts and understand the role of an event organizer in creating memorable experiences.

Module 2: Types of Events:

Delve into the diverse landscape of events, from corporate conferences to social gatherings. Gain insights into the unique requirements and nuances of different event types.

Module 3: Event Planning Process:

Navigate the step-by-step process of event planning, from conceptualization to execution. Learn to create detailed plans that ensure the success of your events.

Module 4: Event Concept and Theme:

Explore the creative side of event planning by understanding how to develop compelling concepts and themes. Learn to infuse your events with unique and memorable elements.

Optional Modules:

Module 5: Event Evaluation:

Dive into the post-event phase, learning to evaluate the success of your events. Explore techniques for gathering feedback, analysing data, and refining your future event strategies.

Module 6: Starting an Event Planning Business:

Take your passion for event planning to the next level by exploring the process of starting your own event planning business. Understand the key steps, challenges, and opportunities in entrepreneurship within the event management industry.

The assessment fee for the entire course is £600, or in 12 monthly instalments.

(Discounted Fee £500)

(12 monthly Instalments)

Admission Fee: £200

12 monthly instalments of £25/month.

Upon completing this event management certification, you'll be well-prepared for roles such as Event Coordinator, Assistant Event Planner, or Social Event Organizer. Consider further qualifications or career advancements in the dynamic field of event management. Embrace the world of memorable experiences with the Certificate in Event Management Level 3.

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