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How to Get into Event Management…Without a Degree

Enthusiasm…check. Ambition…check. Determination to succeed…check.

Armed with these three essential character traits, you’re halfway home. But the question still remains – how to get into event management, without studying for a degree?

Contrary to popular believe, a university-level education isn’t always necessary to break into the events industry. In fact, it rarely is. Instead, the key to starting a successful career as an event manager lies in laying the necessary foundations and gradually building your profile.

It’s perfectly natural to assume that being a mature student means to some extent being at a disadvantage.  This for the most part comes down to the fact that the vast majority of students tend to be children, teenagers, adolescents and younger adults.  Which in turn means that when you pass the age of say 25, you immediately assume that returning to your education would be a rather radical decision. 

Attempting to make sense of the leadership-versus-management paradox can be challenging, given the way in which many people have to be both. The two concepts certainly go hand in hand, but this doesn’t for one moment mean that they are one and the same. Far from it, in fact, but the more you try to separate the two, the more you begin to realise is extremely difficult to do so.

Impossible, perhaps.